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2019 Conference Programme

Advanced site specific analysis of skirted spudcans in the view of North Sea experiences

K. Engin & V. Meyer (NGI)

Coding the Code: Applying ISO 19905-1 as a software package for site specific assessments

M. Hoogeveen (Standard Offshore Consultants and Operators)

Modelling WSI in Extreme Condition using Hybrid FNPT/NS Tool qaleFOAM (presentation only)

S. Yan, Q. Ma, C.A. D’Mello (City, University of London)

Punching failure predictions using the soil plug method

R.F. Overy & R.J. Hunt (Halliard Consulting Ltd)

Novel spudcan shapes for mitigating punch-through and spudcan-footprint interactions

J. Lee, M. Jun, Y. Kim, M.S. Hossain, Y. Hu (The University of Western Australia)
M. Cassidy (The University of Melbourne)
S.G. Park (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd (DSME))

Modelling rate-dependent soil-spudcan interaction for jack-up preloading in clay

S. Brinkman1, J. Fila2, G. Dantum1 & F. Pisanò² (Van Oord1; TU Delft2)

Centrifuge investigations of normal and reverse fault interaction with jack-up rig spudcan foundations

K.J. Oakes, M.J. Brown, J.A. Knappett (University of Dundee)
I. Anastasopoulos (ETH Zürich)

Seabed remediation avoiding critical spudcan-boulder interaction during offshore wind jack-up vessel installations

L. Kellezi & S. Sundararajan (Geo)

Design of high & narrow gravel banks applicable to skirted spudcans and jack-up installation close to jacket (Title TBC)

L. Kellezi & H. Stadsgaard (Geo & MD)

An investigation into the influence of analysis methods upon fatigue damage predictions for jack-up rigs

N. K. Uthamanthil (Regional Offshore Class (M-E-OC), DNV GL)

K. Drake (Noble Denton Marine Services, DNV GL OIL & GAS)

Joint Rig Committee Rig Move Document update

J. Munnings-Tomes (The Hartford - Technical Risks) & J. Miller (Chubb)

Paradigm shift in managing safe and efficient jack-up rig moves through engineering and operational excellence

K. Burana (Transocean)

C. Jantarawaranyoo (Shelf Drilling, formerly of Transocean)

O.A. Purwan (National University of Singapore, formerly of DNV GL Noble Denton Marine Services)

N.R.G. Sabin (DNV GL Noble Denton Marine Services)

Competent Rig Movers, a dying breed.

L. Briceño (Independent Marine Consultant)

Jacket pile installation from jack-up crane vessels

S. Raymackers (Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering (DEME))

Self elevating platform (incl. Liftboat) incidents

M. van der Kraan (Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.)

Jacket pile installation from jack-up crane vessels

S. Raymackers, N. Van Damme & K. Van Varenbergh (GeoSea, DEME Group) [authors TBC]

Measuring to improve jack-up performance

K. Vaderheggen, H. Hofstede, Otto van Ewijk (GustoMSC) [authors TBC]

Jack-up foundation analysis and monitoring

S. Killbourn (Fugro GB Marine Ltd)

J. Hardie (Total E&P North Sea UK Ltd)

R.J. Hunt (Halliard Consulting Ltd)

H. Stadsgaard (Mãersk Drilling A/S)

Wave-current blockage: reduced loads and structural responses of lattice-legged jack-ups

H. Santo (TCOMS Singapore)

P.H. Taylor (University of Western Australia)

A.H. Day (University of Strathclyde)

Y.S.Choo (National University of Singapore)

On jack-up hull-in-water wave-induced leg loads and surge motion during extraction of embedded spudcans

Y. Zhang and K. Drake (Noble Denton Marine Services, DNV GL – Oil & Gas)