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5th Short Course & Forum on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Rotary Positive Displacement Machines

4th and 5th September 2021

About the Short Course

Since 2013, the Centre for Compressor Technology at City, University of London has organised very successful forums/short-courses on CFD in Positive Displacement Machines (PDM). These typically contain a strong input from the compressor industry, CFD software providers and academia. Our fifth event in the series is dedicated to new methods and advanced topics in the application of chamber models, 3D CFD and experimental techniques in PDM such as:

  • Advances in grid generation, CFD tools, Open source CFD solvers and new techniques for PD machine analysis.
  • Applicability of new CFD methods such as Lattice Boltzmann Methods, Smoothed particle hydrodynamics, Mesh free algorithms.
  • Modelling leakage flows, conjugate heat transfer, stability and accuracy of Multiphase flow calculations.
  • Prediction of clearance gap sizes during operation and application of modern FSI computations
  • Advances in chamber modelling and hybrid 1D – 3D CFD coupled approaches.
  • Experimental techniques for analysis of PDM.

Who should participate

Participants from industry and academia are invited to present results of their research and analysis in the forum. To aid the research further; the forum will provide test results of dry air and oil injected twin screw compressors, a roots-blower, a dry air single screw expander and an ORC vane expander data for benchmark studies.

This short course/forum will bring benefits to engineers, engineering managers and specialists from industry, students, researchers and educators from academia and anyone who is interested in the modelling and design of rotary positive displacement machines. It will be presented by leading scientists and researchers from industry and academia and will give an insight into new technologies and the state of the art in the modelling PDM.