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4th Short Course & Forum on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Rotary Positive Displacement Machines

7th and 8th September 2019

About the Short Course

Following the success of three previous forums/short courses on CFD in Positive Displacement Machines (PDM) held at City, University of London, in which there was strong participation from the compressor industry, CFD software providers, and academia, this 4th short course ( is dedicated to advanced topics of modelling, analysis, and the design of Positive Displacement Machines for industrial and research use.

The main topics include, but are not limited to the following:
*  Advances in grid generation, CFD tools, and new techniques for PD machine analysis.
*  Modelling of leakage flows and conjugate heat transfer.
*  Prediction of clearance gap sizes during operation and the application of modern FSI computations.
*  The stability and accuracy of multiphase flow calculations in PD machines.

Participants from academia and industry are invited to prepare journal publications with results from their research and analysis and present them in the forum.

The papers presented in this Short Course will be published in the special Issue on "Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Positive Displacement Machines” of journal Designs, published by MDPI/.

This Special Issue and the short course/forum will be of interest to engineers; engineering managers and specialists from industry; students, researchers, and educators from academia; and anyone who is interested in modelling and design of rotary Positive Displacement Machines. It will be prepared and presented by leading scientists and researchers from industry and academia, and will provide insight into new technologies and the state of the art in modelling Positive Displacement Machines.


Saturday 7th September 2019

08:45   Welcome and Introduction Prof. Ahmed Kovacevic
09:00 S1

Introduction to CFD analysis in positive displacement machines
Fundamental governing equations
CFD modelling techniques
Fluid-Structure Interaction

Prof Milovan Peric
Siemens PLM
10:15   Coffee and Break  
S2Grid Generation for CFD in screw machines Chair: Dr. Giuseppe Bianchi
10:30 1

Advances in Modelling Screw Machines using 3D CFD and lower order models
Historical perspective of CFD analysis of Twin Screw Machines
State-of-the-art Grid generation techniques
Lower order performance prediction models

Prof Ahmed Kovacevic
City, University of London

11:15 2 Deforming Grid and Modelling in Twin Screw Machines and Turbines
New developments in Screw Machine grid generation using Elliptic PDE solver
*Grid Generation for variety of twin screw rotors
Dr Sham Rane
University of Oxford
12:00 3 Iso-geometric analysis framework for the numerical simulation of rotary screw machines
IGA framework
Planar and volumetric parameterisations
CFD simulations
Dr Matthias Möller
Delft University of Technology
12:45   Lunch Break  
S3 Developments in Numerical Aspects and Modelling Chair: Prof. Milovan Peric
14:00 1 Advancements in LES and Multiphase flow modelling
Fundamentals and Numerical aspects
LES and multi-phase flows
Multi-fluid model
Prof Ali Ghobadian
City, University of London, UK
14:45 2

Modelling a Single Screw Expander Using a Modified Cut-Cell Method
Single Screw Compressor
CHT, FSI, Multiphase, Gap flow modelling
Solver configuration, Pre/Post processing

Dr David Rowinski
Convergent Science
15:30 3

Pumplinx Solver for Rotary PD machines
New Developments
Modelling of Oil injected screw compressor with SCORG and Pumplinx

Dr Hui Ding,
Simerics Inc

16:15 4 Oil Injected Compressor Development using CFD
Developments in UDF
Oil-injected compressor modelling in FLUENT
Ms Nausheen Basha
City, University of London
17:00   Coffee Break  
17:15D1 Discussion 1 - Forum Chair: Prof. Ahmed Kovacevic
17:45   Close of Day 1  

Sunday 8th September 2019

 S4 Modelling of Vane Machines Chair: Jonathan Harrison
09:00 1 Part I - CFD simulations on a supercharged sliding vane expander
FLUENT UDF Development and Application
Part II - 1D modelling methodology for transient simulations
Recent developments and applications of the GT-SUITE templates
Dr Giuseppe Bianchi,
Mr Matteo Marchionni
Brunel University London
10:00   Coffee Break  
S5 Modelling flows in rotary machines – Industrial Applications Chair: Dr. Sham Rane
10:15 1 Research and Development in Positive Displacement Machines at TRANE
TRANE/IR compressor portfolio and R&D
CFD simulation developments for Twin Screw and Scroll machines.
Best Practises, Test cases, results and discussion
Mr Matthew Cambio,
Mr Scott Branch
Ingersoll Rand
11:00 2 Rotor profiling and modelling of multiphase screw pumps
Screw pump design
STAR-CCM+ Analysis
Dr Yan Di
Wuhan University
11:45 3 Single screw and twin screw with Open Foam
Mesh moving techniques in OPEN-FOAM
Grid generation and analysis of single-screw expander with real gas properties.
Dr Davide Ziviani
Mr Nicola Casari
Purdue University
12:30   Lunch Break  
S6 Advanced topics related to CFD analysis Chair: Dr. Davide Ziviani
14:00 1 Turbulence Modelling
(U)RANS and hybrid RANS/LES
Prof Alfredo Pinelli
City, University of London
14:45 2 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Transient Flow in Roots Blower
Flow in optical roots blower by phase-locked PIV, Vortex distribution, CFD flow validation
Dr Shuaihui Sun
Xi'an University of Technology
15:30 3 Screw machine integrated models – SCORG & GT Suite
Compressor and Expander modelling
Mr Jonathan Harrison
Mr Jon Zenker
Gamma Technologies
16:15 4 Numerical study of different types of customised mesh for twin screw vacuum pumps
Algorithms, Application to Twin Screw Rotor
Vacuum pumps
Mr Yang Lu
City, University of London
17:00   Coffee Break  
17:15D1 Discussion 2 - Forum Chair: Prof. Ahmed Kovacevic
18:15   Close of the Short Course  
18:30   Reception for 11th International Conference on Compressors and Their Systems