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Industry Day

11th September 2019

The Industry Day is dedicated to the challenges and opportunities for the compressor industry both nationally and internationally.
Representatives from the industry will talk about their companies and how they are responding to changes in technology or market demands, such as those due to economic, environmental or legislative changes.

Eight companies have been selected to present, covering a wide range of topics.

Each presentation will last for 30 minutes. Discussion forums will follow presentations in each session, and we expect that these will generate large interest and open discussion on issues important for the industry and academia.

In parallel with the sessions on the Industry day, participants will be able to visit the Conference Exhibition where companies will be presenting their latest products and services. Exhibition, Industry day and technical sessions will offer great opportunity for networking and developing collaborations.

Provisional Schedule:

Wednesday 11th September 2019

08:45   Welcome and Introduction Prof. Ahmed Kovacevic
 Session 1 Chair: A. Kovacevic
09:00 1 Modelling of turbomachines Mehrdad Zangeneh
09:30 2 Shrieve Global Lubricant Market Development Robert L. Chevasco & Joseph L Nigro
Shrieve Chemical Products
10:00 3

New reed valve steel alloy for high efficiency compressors

Anders Hoel,
Sandvik materials technology, Sweden

10:30   QA followed by coffee break  
 Session 2 Chair: A. Kovacevic
11:00 4 You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know - Stresses on Refrigeration Compressors Jack Sauls
Ingersall Rand/Trane
11:30 5 The Manufacture and Measurement of Screw Compressor Rotors – Looking for Microns Prof Chris Holmes
12:45   QA followed by lunch break  
 Session 3 Chair: A. Kovacevic
14:00 6 Validating the Conical Rotary Compressor to meet the emerging demands of industry Geoff Kermode
Vert Rotors
14:30 7 Performance Characteristics of a New Generation of a Single Screw Compressor Domnic Lafford
J&E Hall
15:00 8 Development of Augmented Reality Applications for the Entire Spectrum William Milligan
15:30   QA followed by closing remarks