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What they don't teach you about data science



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This event will be held online. Joining details are available on Moodle.

Speaker: David Asboth, Data Scientist

Series: Data Bites

A data scientist must be able to think like a statistician, a scientist, a customer, and a software developer, sometimes in the same meeting!

This is especially true in organisations where data science is a new function, which is most organisations. Data science courses and tutorials all tend to (rightly) focus on teaching the technical skills required for data science, but what are the "soft skills" required to be a good data scientist and can these even be taught?

In this talk we'll explore the other side of the data science “stack” - the skills and techniques that complement your technical knowledge and are at least as important to succeed.

About the speaker

David Asboth is a data scientist, educator, former software developer, and a City, University of London alumnus. He currently works as a freelance data science instructor, teaching short and long courses in data science at General Assembly. These days he spends his time figuring out what aspiring data scientists actually need to know.

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When and where

5.30pmFriday 5th March 2021