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Autumn 2020 Webinars - US Think Tanks and Foundations in World Politics: The Nexus of Knowledge and Power




All the webinars will take place virtually via Zoom. Please note all attendees will need a Zoom account to access the webinars. A free account can be set up when registering for the event.

Lectures take place each Friday at 4pm and will include a Q&A session. Everyone welcome!

#1: Friday 16th October 2020

Stephen Wertheim (Quincy Inst/Columbia U, USA): “Policing the World, Policing Debate: How U.S. Elites Forged Global Dominance in World War II”

Felix Roesch (Coventry, UK): “Policing Debate? Émigrés and their Quest to pluralize American IR”

#2: Friday 23rd October 2020

Aprajita Sarcar (Centre de Sciences Humaines, New Delhi, India): “The Ford Foundation and Healthcare Governance in India”

Jonathan Harwood (University of Manchester, UK): "Making an impact with policy-relevant scholarship: Who to target and how to reach them"

#3: Friday 30th October 2020

Anne Zetsche (Independent Researcher, Berlin, Germany): "Quest for Atlanticism: the evolution of a German-American power elite"

Atul Bhardwaj (City, University of London, UK): “Asia Foundation’s Forays into India in the 1953-67”

#4: Friday 13th November 2020

Donna Nicol (CSU, Dominguez Hills, USA): “ ‘Counter’ Race Philanthropy and U.S. Higher Education”

Dieter Plehwe (Center for Civil Society Research, Berlin Social Science Center): "The 'Global Go To Think Tank and Ranking Project' 2006-2019 - Clues about changing (American) images of world order?"

#5: Friday 20th November 2020

Erica Kohl-Arenas and Megan Francis: “Movement Capture and the Long Arc of the Black Freedom Struggle”

Imran Choudhury (City, University of London, UK): “Philanthropy and Force in US Racial Politics: the role of the Ford foundation and the FBI”

#6: Friday 27th November 2020

Mark Solovey (Toronto, Canada): “Social Science for What? Examining the Politics-Patronage-Social Science Nexus in Cold War America and Beyond”

Natalia Mello (Pontifical Catholic U, Sao Paulo, Brazil): "Foreign Policy Magazine", Samuel Huntington and the Vietnam War”

#7: Friday 4th December 2020

Isa Blumi (Stockholm Univ): “Cultivating Knowledge, Sowing Destruction: North Atlantic Scholarship during the Cold War, the cases of the Balkans and South Arabia”

Bamo Nouri (City UoL, UK): “American Orientalism and the Iraq War and Occupation”

#8: Friday 11th December 2020

Michael Uy (Harvard Univ., USA): "A Room Full of Experts: Foundations, the U.S. Government, and Who Pays for the Arts"

Eduardo Hererra (Rutgers, USA): “Indigenous Leaders, Cosmopolitan Views: The Rockefeller Foundation and  Latin American Music in the 1960s”

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When and where

4.00pm - 5.30pmFriday 16th October 2020