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PhD Day Event: New Directions in Feminist Thought: In Times of Urgency, Anger and Activism


Panel Discussions


This event will take place virtually via Zoom. Please note all attendees will need a Zoom account to access the webinar. A free account can be set up when registering for the event.

PhD students and staff are welcome to attend.

This PhD day event is organised on a consortium basis by LSE, Goldsmiths and City, University of London. It will comprise 3 panel sessions of doctoral and postdoctoral students presenting works-in-progress across the day, concluding with a plenary talk by Dr Amy Hasinoff, author of Sexting panic: Rethinking criminalization, privacy, and consent. The aim is to create a lively debate amongst the community of feminist cultural studies and sociology scholars across our institutions, and beyond, and to encourage inter-university discussion and collaboration.


10:30-11:45Panel One
Chair: Sarah Banet-Weiser
Eleanor Kilroy (Goldsmiths) - Young Women, Instagram and Performing 'the Perfect': Using Performance for a Revival of Feminist Consciousness-Raising

Carolina Are (City) - Alg-whore-itms: How Instagram's algorithm is censoring women and vulnerable users but helping the alt-right after anti-sex trafficking US laws

Zoë Glatt (LSE) - The failed promise of diversity and meritocracy: An intersectional analysis of the influencer community-industry

Xintong Jia (City) - The Reproduction of Gender Inequality in the Age of Postfeminism - Exploring women figures in contemporary Chinese reality dating shows

Panel Two

Chair: Rosalind Gill

Winnie M Li (LSE) - Media Engagement by Rape Survivors as a Form of Activism: Labour, Capital and Voice

Cassandra Wiener (Sussex) - Understanding of coercive control

Helena Suarez Val (Warwick) - Femicide and digital activism: building a feminist community of practice

Husseina U. Ahmed (LSE) - Audience Reception of Northern Nigerian Women through the Media Coverage of the boko Haram Insurgency

Ruhi Khan (LSE) - Feminism, media and the spectacle of rape

2:00-3:15Panel Three

Chair: Jo Littler

Sarah Molisso (City) - Molka: A Brief Introduction to the Spy-Cam Epidemic in South Korea

Miriam Rahali (LSE) - Generation 'Y'?: Conditions of Imaginability of the Gendered, Raced and Classed Millennial Subject

Dr Linda Aloysius (Central St Martins) - Morphological Activism: New Visibilities for the Invisible Labour of working Class Single Mother-Artists

Kullanit Nitiwarangkul (City) - 'Successful Ageing' and Third Age Women in Thailand


Dr Amy Hasinoff (Colorado) - 'Image-based sexual abuse: it's not revenge and it's not porn'

Followed by Q&A and rend of the day remarks by Professor Angela McRobbie

4:30-5:30Optional Zoom Drinks

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When and where

10.30am - 4.30pmTuesday 10th November 2020