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US Think Tanks and Foundations in World Politics - Zoom webinar series




Spring - Summer 2020

Lectures take place every Tuesday 1130 am.

12 May 2020 – US Foundations in Indian Political Economy and Management Education

Dr Atul Bhardwaj (City UofL): “American influence in Indian Political Development – from the New Deal to the New International Economic Order”

Dr Arun Kumar (York): "Meeting of Hearts and Minds? US Foundations, Elites, and their techno-managerial fantasies."

Chair: Prof Inderjeet Parmar (City UoL; LSE Ideas)

19 May- US Foundations and Indo-US relations

Mr Kashish Parpiani (Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai): “From change agents to policy brokers: American foundations and the cultivation of US-India strategic partnership in the twenty-first century”

Meeting ID: 920 1213 2925

26 May – US think tanks and other influence in India

Dr Gautam Chakrabarti (Freie Universität Berlin): “Congress for Cultural Freedom In India During the Cold War”

Ms Urvashi Sarkar (Independent journalist): “The Overseas Expansion of American Think Tanks: Implications for India”

Meeting ID: 934 9042 8799

2 June- Knowledge, race, and identity in national and international politics

Dr Maribel Morey: (Clemson U, USA): Carnegie Corporation and the Making of a White World Order

Dr Ahmad Waqas Waheed: (National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan): Knowledge production and circulation: Pakistan in US think tanks
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Meeting ID: 981 8421 9754

9 June – US TTs and the military industrial complex today


Dayna Barnes (City UoL) - "American think tanks and occupation planning for Japan and Iraq"
Meeting ID: 945 3503 0346

16 June –  Nana deGraaff (Vrie U, NL): “The transnationalist US foreign policy elite in exile? A comparative network analysis of the Trump administration”
Meeting ID: 945 4624 0870

23 June –  “Archival Choices in Researching Foundations, Think Tanks and Universities: The Tavistock and India, Michigan State and the World”

Bill Cooke (University of York)

Anindita Bannerjee

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Meeting ID: 921 3789 7026

30 June

Giles Scott Smith (Leiden, NL)

Amon Barros
Meeting ID: 941 7701 2187

7 July

Inderjeet Parmar (City, UoL) “Ideological Power Shift? The changing landscape of US foreign policy think tanks”

Mark Ledwidge (CCCU, Kent) Title tbc

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Meeting ID: 924 5725 4209

14 July

Daniel Bessner (Univ of Washington) – The progressive origins of the Rand Corporation

Stephen Semler (Security Policy Reform Institute) – US TTs and the military industrial complex today

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Meeting ID: 925 2267 9879

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When and where

11.30am - 12.30pmTuesday 2nd June 2020