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Develop@City Online: Staff Development and Wellbeing Week


Develop your skills, network with colleagues and improve your wellbeing at our interactive development sessions for all City, University of London staff and PhD students.

All sessions will take place online, on either Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and will each last 50-minutes unless otherwise specified.

Please sign up via the link to register your interest for the sessions you would like to attend. You will then be sent individual calendar invites with the meeting link and details once you have registered. 

*Sessions by City's Educational Technology team will be booked via a separate form, which you will be sent after you have completed the initial registration.

A Virtual Marketplace will take place each day from 1pm – 2pm, with a range of ‘virtual’ stalls on offer. The Sustainability team will also be running a photography competition throughout the week, with the theme of 'Gardening at Home'. The competition will be judged by Gabby, our Community Gardener, and the winner will be announced in the Develop@City closing event on Friday.

For any queries please contact the Organisational Development team.

Monday 20th July

9amCItySport session
Beginner mat session 
Via Instagram
9.30am Launch eventCome along to the live launch event of Develop@City 2020 and find out what the week has to offer.

How to handle anxiety about the future
Kathy Toogood

Are you spending time worrying about things that haven’t happened yet? In this workshop you will learn and practise tools and approaches for managing any anxieties you have about the future and build your confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

11am Burning out or burning Bright
Kate Atkin
This session explores what burnout is, the difference between stress and eustress, as well as coping strategies and having the confidence to speak up for what you need. It will also address how the New Economics Foundation (NEF)'s 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' can be applied.
12.30pm Mindfulness drop-in 
Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research
The team at the Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research has created a curriculum of mindfulness exercises that don't require any prior mindfulness or meditation experience and are delivered in a light-hearted, interactive manner. Take half an hour out of your day for wellbeing, a space for community, friendly smiles, and self-care built around mindfulness-based values in these sessions with both staff and students.

Supporting your emotional resilience through kindness and wellbeing
Naomi Kesterton and Richard Harvey

In this webinar we will explore:

  • Balance – Reviewing how we’ve established structure to our day and the new habits we’ve created
  • Emotional Resilience – Managing our anxieties and stress levels, and accepting that it’s “ok not to be ok”
  • Wellbeing – What is a random act of kindness, and how doing good does you good
  • PPK – The Power and Potential of Kindness.
1pmVirtual Marketplace

Introduction to Poll Everywhere (and other online polling)
City's Educational Technology team

Explore how to create your own polls and present them online using Poll Everywhere, as well as an overview of the inbuilt polling solutions in the Virtual Classrooms systems.
2pmMenopause Café
Anne Payne/Sarah Wood, in collaboration with the CityUniWomen Network

Come and join us for City’s first virtual menopause café.

The aim of the Menopause café is to increase awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their family, friends and colleagues. This is an informal, social gathering, open to both male and female participants of all ages. It is not a support group, but a safe space to share your views and have a confidential, open and respectful conversation.

3pm Image, Impact and Influence
Kate Atkin
This masterclass explores how important image really is and where it comes from, particularly focusing on non-verbal cues. Participants will discover the impact they are making, learn how to tweak their behaviour to ensure they make the impact they want to, and learn three key steps to help improve influencing skills.
4pm Recipe exchangeJoin your colleagues to share your favourite recipes in an informal setting. City staff have been sharing their creations in the Recipe Exchange channel over the last few months. Now is your chance to join them as they share their creations, new ideas and post recipes. You won't be able to taste them but you may be inspired to try and make them! Anyone is welcome.

Tuesday 21st July

9am CItySport session
Via Youtube
10am Preparing for difficult conversations
Kathy Toogood

What are the important steps in preparing for difficult conversations and getting positive results?
You will learn tools that will help you prepare for holding challenging conversations and increase the chance of achieving positive outcomes and strengthening the relationship.

11am DIY screencasts 
City's Educational Technology team
This session demonstrates the screen recording tools (Kaltura and narrated PowerPoint) available to all City staff. You will learn how to create, edit, caption and share your own videos in a simple and effective way. We will also explore why you may want to use this approach in teaching and learning.
12pm Nutrition whilst working from home
Magdalena Wronska

Join us to combat the daily issues we are faced with in challenging times, from kitchen to nutrition:

  • Challenges of working from home
  • The 5 Step Plan
    • Add structure and set the right environment
    • Create good eating habits
    • Move often – WFH exercises
    • Prioritise sleep
    • Manage stress
  • Let’s get practical – setting your own personal plan.
12pmBicycle basics with Bill
Bill Thompson

Covid-19 has quite a lot to answer for in terms of how our lives have been impacted, but one positive has been that many are taking to their old bike in the shed, using dock-less cycle schemes, or purchasing a new ride to enjoy the quieter roads, and trails around our nation.

Join Head of Sport and cyclist, Bill Thompson as he discusses the ‘Basics of Bikes’. This can be on proper seat height and cockpit adjustments, important pre-ride checks, and how to get the most out of your ride through technology and apps. We may even discuss the Cycle to Work Scheme and other ways to improve your wellbeing via a bike.

1pm Doing good does you good
Nina Maan and Richard Harvey

Working together to make ‘Re-entry Anxiety’ transition easier
Using the Accelerator 5-4-3-2-1 reflect and adapt as we find new ways of working and living

  • What have you achieved that you’re proud of?
  • What have you started to do differently?
  • What have you learnt from your friends/family/colleagues?
  • What would you never do the same way again?
  • What are you looking forward to?
1pmVirtual Marketplace 
2pmHow to set up the best workstation
Cordell Health’s Physiotherapist Sarah Nisar will describe the optimal workstation set-up in the work environment and why this is important. She will provide some top tips on creating the best set-up you can whilst working from home and will be available at the end for some open questions.
2pm –
Juggling priorities and keeping your focus
David Longstaff

How can you keep focused, juggle priorities and maintain balance in this climate? This session provides a logical approach to managing a complex workload, so you’re on top of your work rather than feeling buried by it.

4pm City Staff Choir ‘Singing’ Workshop Penny Rossano You and your families or housemates are invited to join Choir Leader Penny and the City Staff Choir for a short singing workshop in the privacy of your own homes, culminating in a City ‘Sing-a-long’ of, appropriately, Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again’. The workshop will introduce you to some vocal warm-ups, healthy singing tips and introduce the joy of singing and its proven effect on well-being.

Wednesday 22nd July

9am CItySport session
Yoga shots 
Via Youtube
9.30am – 10amCare first awareness session
Mel Barnes 
An overview of Care first, City's new Employee Assistance Programme, covering what is available to staff members and how it can be accessed. This session talks about not only the counselling service and emotional issues around loss and change, but also covers the information aspect of the service and some of the practical issues that individuals may call Care first with for advice, as well as the online service.
10am Confidence matters
Kate Atkin
This masterclass explores the factors that make somebody feel confident. Founded on the premise that confidence isn’t about arrogance, tips, tools and techniques are taught that have been shown to be effective in helping people access confidence when they most need to. We encourage participants to achieve their goals by building the confidence to take the steps they really want to.
11amPsychological impact of Covid-19
Care first 
This session looks at the common tends that have occurred during the pandemic, focusing in particular on stress, depression, anxiety and loss.
11am Getting started with Zoom
City's Educational Technology team

Demonstration of using Zoom as your Virtual Classroom. The session covers setting up sessions in Zoom, exploring the features and controls in Zoom and making recordings available to students.

This workshop is based on the Zoom Quickstart Guide

12pm Drawing It Out
Ruby Elliot
Spend 50 minutes with cartoonist and illustrator Ruby Elliot, Rubyetc, using pen and paper to create fun, expressive images with as few lines as possible. No artistic experience required!
12.30pmMindfulness drop-in 
Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research
The team at the Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research has created a curriculum of mindfulness exercises that don't require any prior mindfulness or meditation experience and are delivered in a light-hearted, interactive manner. Take half an hour out of your day for wellbeing, a space for community, friendly smiles, and self-care built around mindfulness-based values in these sessions with both staff and students.
1pm My well-being: Exploring daily influencers on our wellbeing
Jonny Line and Emily Pepin
Join City's own Organisational Psychologists Emily Pepin and Jonny Line to explore how to positively influence wellbeing with small actions each day. Using insights from City's recent staff check-in, the session will guide you through interactive and solo exercises to build a personal wellbeing check-list, helping maintain and enhance your daily wellbeing.
1pmVirtual Marketplace 
2pm Life in view  
Paul Flaxman
Reflect on what you most want to move towards in your daily life and your “inner world” – particularly the thoughts and feelings that can get in the way of moving towards what matters. This is not a therapy or stress management session. It is a brief introduction to a tool that has frequently been used in staff wellbeing training sessions in the NHS and in various other organisations.
3pm Handling change and uncertainty
Mike Roarty
Are you experiencing changes at work that have stressed or demotivated you? Are there changes coming your way, but you don’t yet know what they are or how they might impact you?
This workshop will help you understand the impact of change and uncertainty and will introduce you to a solution-focused and strength-focused way of thinking about change. This session will work best for attendees who are currently experiencing a period of change or are likely to be in the near future.
4pm Treasure Hunt
Nina Maan and Richard Harvey

Join the Develop@City community for a fun team building experience and a chance to collaborate across the university.

Your team will receive a challenge and will work together to achieve the objectives within a given timescale. An opportunity for your competitive instincts to kick in!

If you would like to build your own team (of up to 6), email with the names of all colleagues on your team. Alternatively, register individually and you'll be allocated a team at random – a great chance to meet some new colleagues.

Thursday 23rd July

9amCItySport session
Yoga shots 
Via Youtube
9am Relaxation techniques
Shelley Cushway

In this workshop we will focus on understanding the role of relaxation in our lives, experience a deep relaxation technique and practice how to access this technique with a brief takeaway exercise.

10am –  11.50amFacilitating synchronous teaching online
City's Educational Technology team

Advice on how to plan effective Virtual Classrooms with practical tips on how to facilitate these sessions to Promote student engagement.

This workshop is based on the Facilitating Online Synchronous Teaching guide. This workshop will not focus on how to use different Virtual Classrooms.

11am Engaging Webinars
Kate Atkin
How do you make your webinars engaging? How do you keep the audience’s attention, make it informative and ensure your key points are heard? As a participant you will gain an understanding of your use of words, the importance of vocal variety and the 'power of the pause'.
12pmImmunity and nutrition
Magdalena Wronska

Explore what the immune system is and why we need it, the link between immunity and stress and why we can feel so horrible when our immune system is "working". The workshop will also discuss nutrition and immunity, including key food and nutrients such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Beta-glucans, Elderberry and Echinacea, Ginger, garlic and honey.

12pm –2pmCoping with Caring When Working from Home
Mike Roarty and Kathy Toogood, sponsored by the CityUniWomen Network

Have you been experiencing the inevitable pressures of caring for others while working from home?

This session will give you the chance to reflect on and talk about the challenges you have faced, and also to acknowledge what you have achieved. As working from home continues, this session will allow you to identify some steps you can take to manage your workload, to balance work and home life better, and to ensure that you look after yourself too.

1pm Virtual Marketplace 
2pm Develop your [remote] Intercultural Skills
Aliya Sorgen
We often associate ‘intercultural’ with working across nationalities and country borders, but this is just one part of the puzzle. This session will focus on understanding the nuances and implications of ‘culture’, particularly in terms of how this affects us all when working remotely versus face-to-face. Expect to laugh, get introspective, and maybe even learn something new to add to your ‘working-from-home cultural toolkit’.
3pmHow to make a face mask/covering
Kathryn Drumm
Kathryn will demonstrate how to make a fabric face mask. She’ll look at what materials you can use and how you can improvise if you don’t have dress-making supplies to hand.
4pm Quiz

Think you know it all? This is your chance to prove it!

We will assign you into mixed teams for some friendly competition and there will be questions on music, film and current events.

Friday 24th July


CItySport session
Mat session

Via Youtube
10am What’s important to me? Clarifying what you are looking for in the next steps of your career journey
Kathy Toogood or Mike Roarty

If you were asked where you would like to go next in your career would you say, “I’m not sure”? Is it difficult to know where to start on that question? This workshop will introduce you to importance of clarifying your values in relation to your work and career, and give you a clearer idea of where to go next.

11am Synchronous whiteboard activities
City's Educational Technology team
Demonstrating via handwritten exposition is a powerful and essential teaching tool for many subjects. This session looks at the current options available to recreate this experience in Virtual Classrooms.
12pmBuilding resilience and managing anxiety in a changing world
Cordell Health’s Director of Wellbeing, Jayne Carrington, looks at how some lifestyle changes can have a great impact on successfully managing the stresses and anxieties caused by a rapidly changing and uncertain world, allowing you not only to cope, but to thrive.
12.30pm Mindfulness drop-in 
Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research
The team at the Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research has created a curriculum of mindfulness exercises that don't require any prior mindfulness or meditation experience and are delivered in a light-hearted, interactive manner. Take half an hour out of your day for wellbeing, a space for community, friendly smiles, and self-care built around mindfulness-based values in these sessions with both staff and students.
1pmAbstract drawing
David Ross
Have fun exploring what art is, explore abstract drawing, and understand how abstract drawing can be a form of meditation. Drawing can help improve memory as well as spark inspiration and foster creativity.
1pmVirtual Marketplace 
1pm –
Learning and Teaching Exchange

Practical advice on transforming your teaching for blended/online delivery in 2020/21.

Hear from academics about how they are preparing for teaching in September.

Share ideas and best practice with your colleagues and get practical tips and advice from LEaD.

2pmInbox zero
David Longstaff 

Managing a complex workload requires robust and optimised systems.
This session will provide a simple guide to customising your tools:

  • Get the best from Outlook and maintain an empty inbox
  • Using OneNote to collaborate on projects and manage meetings
  • Use the powerful Microsoft To Do interface
3pm Maintaining my mental wellbeing
Mike Roarty

The challenges around Covid-19 and working from home have impacted on a variety of aspects of people’s lives, including their mental wellbeing. This workshop will introduce you to the key ingredients of mental wellbeing and how you can develop and grow these in your life.

4pmDevelop@City closing eventA chance to network with your City colleagues at our informal closing event. You will be able to network and chat to colleagues from different teams in City – we will use Zoom breakout rooms so you can ask to chat to someone specifically or we can have some fun and mix you up! The event will also announce the winner of the gardening photo competition and the long awaited results of the Sustainability Awards. Come along, bring a drink and enjoy the company of your colleagues #CityTogetherApart

Virtual Marketplace

The Virtual Marketplace will take place each day from 1pm – 2pm. There will be a range of ‘virtual’ stalls on offer. To access the stall of your choice, indicate a preference for the day you wish to attend when registering. You will be sent a calendar invite with a Zoom link in it. On accessing this link, you will be sent to a breakout room to talk to the stallholder. The table below shows which marketplace stalls are confirmed, with more to be added over the coming week.


Erasmus: Aliya Sorgen

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility: Interested in heading to Europe to connect with another university, share best practice and learn from others in your field? City has secured Erasmus+ funding to support both Academic and Professional Services staff to take up this exciting opportunity. If you're keen to know more but can't make the Marketplace, contact Aliya Sorgen, Global Partnerships Manager to learn more.

xxx x

Consultation on a staff awards scheme: Helen Langley

Please come and offer your views on what you would like to see as a regular (monthly) awards scheme for staff.


Diverse but United: Sandra Brown

A fun filled quiz to test your knowledge of the Equality Act 2010 and to find out what City is doing to create an inclusive community for staff and students.



Academic Learning Support: Richard Knott

The ALS team will be here to chat to staff about their students, what kind of support they need with their academic skills, and how that support can be provided. Details of support offered is available here.


Organisational Development team

Join the OD team to find out what is available for City staff from coaching to mentoring, Masterclasses and Wellbeing sessions. You may want advice about LinkedIn Learning, apprenticeships or City values or have a specific issue you would like help thinking about.See

Playful Practice: Jane Secker/Susannah Quinsee

Are you interested in engaging people in your teaching or meetings in a more exciting way? Perhaps you are using some games or playful activities already. Come along to find out more about how you can use playful techniques in your practice, whether you are teacher or just trying to make meetings more "fun", and to share any activities that you currently do. There might even be fancy dress... (not compulsory!)
x x  

Sarah Fulcher: Your Occupational Health Service

Please join Cordell Health’s Director of Nursing, Sarah Futcher, and find out what support is available to you from your onsite Occupational Health team. This session is suitable for all but likely to be particularly helpful for those with line management responsibility.

Sustainability: Ellie Simes
City is working to support the United Nations Global Goals. Join the Sustainability team for a chat to find out more about the Goals, give us your sustainability suggestions or share the sustainable activities you do in your department and would like to see rolled out across the rest of City.

IT Training - Teams: Blessing Theophilus-Israel:

Understand the purpose of Microsoft Teams  
How to access Teams  
Creating / Managing Teams  
Understand the use of Channels  
Understand the use of Tabs and Posts


Speaker Biographies

Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin is an inspirational speaker, training consultant and coach. With nearly 20 years of experience as a trainer and facilitator, Kate has worked with many clients on business, management and communication issues. Kate is undertaking a PhD, focussing on the imposter phenomenon. Kate is author of The Presentation Workout, The Confident Manager and co-author of The Business of Professional Speaking, and author of two tips booklets, The Confidence Factor and The Networking Factor.

Jayne Carrington

Jayne Carrington has over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare arena, having spent the last 20 years as Managing Director of a successful Employee Assistance Programme. She regularly writes and trains on numerous health-related subjects including wellbeing, personal resilience and demonstrating good leadership.

Shelley Cushway

After a successful career in Human Resources in the corporate world including 20 years with Lloyds of London and Aviva, Shelley decided to retrain as a therapist. She then went on to study Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Stress Management & Resilience Building, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness and Meditation.  Combining these new techniques with traditional coaching and training approaches.  Alongside running corporate workshops with Workplace Healthcare, Shelley has her own private practice where she works with a wide variety of people.

Dr Paul Flaxman

Dr. Paul Flaxman is a Reader/ Associate Professor in the psychology department. Paul’s research focuses on understanding and improving well-being in the workplace. For the past two decades, Paul has helped to adapt and evaluate ACT interventions for staff in a range of workplace settings. Paul’s ACT-based training has been delivered to staff in around 30 NHS trusts, and has also been utilized by schools, performing arts companies, and in local government organisations.

Sarah Futcher

Sarah Futcher is herself a qualified nurse with a specialist qualification in occupational health. With overall responsibility for your onsite team, Sarah has been part of the University’s occupational health service for many years.

Richard Harvey

Before joining Accelerator in 2003, Richard spent many years at Marks & Spencer Plc, working in management at store level and then expanding his involvement to cover financial, process and quality development on a national basis. Richard combines his business knowledge and functional management experience with a warm and engaging interpersonal style, making him a highly credible development consultant, facilitator and trainer who can put work in a practical business context.

David Longstaff

David delivers training across a wide variety of sectors and professions, including universities, colleges, local government, health sector and on corporate development programmes. Having spent many hours supporting senior management teams to cope with their workload and training 1,000’s of delegates at his seminars, he now provides personalised one-to-one coaching for busy professionals, helping them to develop their workload system.

Nina Maan

Nina is a professional, highly capable training consultant with excellent communication skills, determined to help people make a positive impact in their work. She brings a ‘can do’ approach to her facilitation style and encourages participants to be proactive and enthusiastic in overcoming the challenges they meet. She aims to bring training to life, by bringing fun, relevancy and interest.  Through her commitment to training and development, she has won a number of Customer Service Training Awards. She is also a Mental Health First Aider and Instructor.

Sarah Nisar

Sarah Nisar is a qualified and experienced Physiotherapist who specialises in occupational musculoskeletal issues. Her particular area of expertise lies in preventing ill-health as a result of computer use and is a true advocate of prevention being better than cure.

Mike Roarty

Mike Roarty is a very experienced leadership coach, team coach and trainer. He regularly works in leadership development programmes in the private public and voluntary sectors, and has worked with a number of universities. A focus on building strengths is at the heart of everything that Mike does.He designs and runs a variety of workshops around communication, presenting, and personal effectiveness.

Penny Rosanno

Penny has over 20 years of experience as a professional singer (performing in Opera, Oratorio and Recital around the UK and globally) and is also an experienced singing teacher and member of AOTOS (Association of Teachers of Singing).

Educational Technology Team

The Educational Technology Team provide expert advice on the enhancement of learning and teaching through the use and development of appropriate technologies and learning environments

Kathy Toogood

Kathy is an experienced leadership coach, facilitator and trainer, who has worked for many years in the private, public and voluntary sectors. She is co-director of Strengths Focused Leadership, an organisation which provides a variety of services in leadership development, facilitation and organisational development and is also an approved ILM centre for the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring.

Magdalena Wronska

Magdalena’s special interest lies within the nutrition and lifestyle approaches to improve both mental and physical health. Magdalena has nearly 15 years of experience working as a lecturer in higher education. She has completed an MSc in Personalised Nutrition as well as MSc in Commodity Sciences. Currently Magdalena is researching the effectiveness of nutritional interventions in the workplace.  She is also a keen advocate of resistance training and leads by example!

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From Monday 20th July 2020 to Friday 24th July 2020