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A Prehistory of TIME TIME TIME




Dr Joseph Browning, ‘A Prehistory of TIME TIME TIME’. Chaired by Professor Stephen Cottrell.

This talk presents part of my work in progress on Jennifer Walshe’s recent opera, TIME TIME TIME. Focussing on a scene titled ‘Dinosaurs & Crying’, in which the musicians use their voices and instruments to create an imagined prehistoric soundscape, I trace a concern with animal mimesis, vocal archaeology and more-than-human pedagogy running throughout Walshe’s work. This leads, ultimately, into more speculative territory: I discuss how the scene raises questions about the almost unimaginably long history of human and pre-human vocality - questions that feel remote from current concerns in much of music studies - and does so in a way that provokes a strange mix of affects, at once humorous and anxious. If one central purpose of TIME TIME TIME was to offer audiences intimations of "deep time", what would it mean for music studies to theorise contemporary music-making as an ancient, more-than-human inheritance, and why might this matter today?

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5.00pm - 6.30pmWednesday 1st July 2020

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