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  4. Webinar: From German Internet Panel to Mannheim Corona Study: Adapting a probability-based online panel infrastructure during the pandemic




Webinar: From German Internet Panel to Mannheim Corona Study: Adapting a probability-based online panel infrastructure during the pandemic




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Speaker: Carina Cornesse, University of Mannheim

Series: City, University of London - European Social Survey HQ - NatCen Social Research survey methodology seminar series

European Social Survey logoThe outbreak of COVID-19 has sparked a sudden demand for fast, frequent, and accurate data on the societal impact of the pandemic. At the onset of the pandemic, our inter-disciplinary research group at the University of Mannheim therefore set up the Mannheim Corona Study (MCS), a rotating panel survey with daily data collection, on the basis of the long-standing probability-based online panel infrastructure of the German Internet Panel (GIP). In a team effort, our research group was able to inform political decision makers and the general public with key information to understand the social and economic developments from as early as March 2020 as well as advance social scientific knowledge through in-depth interdisciplinary research.

In this talk, I will provide a detailed account of how we adapted the GIP to create the MCS. I will also describe how the MCS data were collected, processed, and communicated on a daily basis as part of our fast-response methodology. Furthermore, I will discuss the MCS data quality and provide evidence on the impact that conducting the MCS had on the underlying GIP infrastructure.

The core MCS research group consists of Annelies Blom, Carina Cornesse, Sabine Friedel, Ulrich Krieger, Marina Fikel, Tobias Rettig, Alexander Wenz, Sebastian Juhl, Roni Lehrer, Katja Möhring, Elias Naumann, and Maximiliane Reifenscheid. More information on the MCS is available via the University of Mannheim website and in a Survey Research Methods article.

About the speaker:

Carina Cornesse is a post-doctoral researcher in survey methodology at the University of Mannheim and co-director of the project “Recruiting Probability-Based Online Panels: Cost-Efficiency and Data Quality” at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES). She also serves as associate editor of the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology (JSSAM). Her research focuses on social science research design topics, in particular the collection, evaluation, and enhancement of innovative high-quality survey data. She is particularly interested in online panel recruitment and maintenance, probability and nonprobability samples, and augmenting survey data using other data sources.

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6.00pmWednesday 9th December 2020