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Rational vs. Primitive learning




This event will take place online via Zoom

Speaker: Dr. Ansgar Endress

Summary: Learning requires making inferences over and above the exemplars that we experience. Over the years, different research traditions have attributed the processes underlying the acquisition of rules to various types of mechanisms, from general associative or algebraic mechanisms to Bayesian inferences. An alternative approach to such general mechanisms relies on perceptual or memory primitives, basic psychological mechanisms that support the acquisition of certain rules. Drawing on experiments on artificial language learning, I contrast learning based on such primitives with rational, Bayesian approaches, and show that the learning results deviate substantially from the predictions of Bayesian approaches. Further, I show that the predictions of the rationale models depend on extraneous assumptions, and conclude that rational models are only useful insofar as they are used to detect deviations from rational behaviour.

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When and where

1.00pm - 2.00pmTuesday 1st December 2020