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CANCELLED: Gendering Green Criminology




Please note, this event has now been cancelled and will be rearranged in due course.

Feminist criminology and green criminology are well-established areas of critical study. Both have challenged traditional focuses of research and presumptions of crime and criminality within the discipline of criminology. The object of study for criminology – what is a crime; who is identified as an offender or victim (or both); how crime, criminality and punishment should be conceptualised – are key areas of investigation for feminist and green criminologists. However, to date, these two fields have mostly existed in their separate spheres. Some limited and discreet crossover exists in feminists’ engagement with eco-feminism and green criminologists’ employment of a gender lens to assess environmental and wildlife harms and crimes. Nevertheless, this is fertile ground for research and collaborative work, particularly with increasing public, policy and activist focus on climate change, environmental disasters, wildlife harm, and rights and protections of non-human animals.

Gendering Green Criminology is a one-day conference which brings together feminist and green criminologists to consider how the two areas of critical criminology can develop research ideas and networks to advance understanding of the interactions between gender and environmental, non-human animal, and wildlife crimes and harms. The event will bring together leading scholars in the area to stimulate ideas, debates and discussion.

This conference is one of three collaborative events focused on gender and green criminology hosted by the BSC Women Crime and Criminal Justice Network, BSC Green Criminology Network, and European Green Criminology Network. The other events are co-sponsored panels at the following annual conferences:

  • Gender and Green Criminology, British Society of Criminology, 8-10 July 2020, Liverpool UK.
  • Environmental Crime and Gender, European Society of Criminology, 8-9 September 2020, Bucharest, Romania.


09:45-10:15 Registration and Welcome

Plenary I:

Professor Kay Peggs, Dr Francis Masse

11:45-12:00 Comfort Break

Plenary II:

Professor Pam Davies, Professor Tanya Wyatt

13:30-14:30 Lunch


  • WCCJ member – Ecofeminism
  • Pam – Victims of climate change
  • Francis – Gendered dimensions of Wildlife crime
  • Kay Peggs – Veganism, Crime and Consuming Animals
  • Tanya – Animal and women’s rights
16:00-16:30 Sandpit reflections and future plans

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When and where

9.45amWednesday 15th April 2020

City 125 Suite (F301/F302/F303) City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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