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Intellectual Property and International Transactions - Legal Insights from Japan




Seminar Series: Intellectual Property Engagement Group

Venue: Rooms FG05 and FG06, Whiskin Street Building

Speaker 1: Dr Kazuhiro Ando, Toyo University: IP Law and the Music Industry in Japan

The music industry in Japan faces unique challenges. CD sales have long been the lifeblood of the industry but are falling. Management companies and artists are attempting to try to survive this difficult period by boosting concert, merchandising, and fan club business activities. Yet, some record labels have shifted activity from the record business to animation business. This talk assesses the challenges facing the music industry in Japan and the role of IP, including possible reforms.

Speaker 2: Akira Shimazaki, Attorney at Law (Bengoshi): How to use Japanese law for international transactions – Recent development of the Civil Code and international harmonisation

Outline of Topic: After long history of Japanese Civil Code originally enacted in 1896, we are about to see a historic reform of the Civil Code in April 2020. One of the incentives of this reform is matching the rule to modern transactions which have been developed, elaborated and digitalised for long years. From a legal practitioner’s view, it also includes interesting topics which change a traditional Japanese law concept and enable us to facilitate international transactions and negotiations. We outline changes and challenges of Japanese law in this decade which have brought positive impact on international transactions, including an introduction of security trust, CISG, and the coming reform of the Civil Code.

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12.00pm - 1.00pmTuesday 17th September 2019

Whiskin Street Building City, University of London Whiskin Street London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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