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Violence and Society: Towards Zero Violence - Professor Sylvia Walby




Inaugural lecture from Professor Sylvia Walby

Violence and Society: Towards Zero Violence

Violence matters. It is a source of suffering, pain, and death. Its scale and significance are often underestimated in social theory, social science, official statistics, and public policy.Violence is gendered; a cause and consequence of gender inequality. What contribution can social science make to a vision of ‘zero violence’? How should violence be conceptualised, to facilitate its integration into social theory, to revise theories of society and transformation? The lecture will challenge social theory to identify and make violence visible, rather than leaving it on the margins, obscured, or ignored.  How should violence be measured, to make it more visible and to confront denial, underestimation, distortion, and prejudice? The lecture will challenge the measurement of violence in official statistics, which underestimate the extent of domestic violent crime and violence against women.  How should change in violence be explained, to contribute to a theory of change? The lecture will offer a theory of violence in society, connecting violence to political economy and other aspects of society. What is the role of science and statistics in the analysis of violence, and of gender-based violence? The lecture will offer a vision of the potential contribution of social science to building the knowledge base needed to contribute to a vision of ‘zero violence’.

The inaugural lecture will lay out the vision behind the new Violence and Society Centre at City, University of London.

Professor Sylvia Walby joined City, University of London as Professor of Sociology and Director of the interdisciplinary Violence and Society Centre on 1 March 2019. She has held positions at Lancaster University, where she was Distinguished Professor of Sociology and UNESCO Chair in Gender Research; and at LSE, University of Bristol and the University of Leeds.   She has had visiting positions at UCLA, Harvard, Madison-Wisconsin, Aalborg, and the National University of Malaysia.  Professor Walby is Chair of the REF Sub-Panel for Sociology. She was awarded an OBE for services to equal opportunities and diversity. She was the founding President of the European Sociological Association. She has been President of the International Sociological Association’s Research Committee RC02 on Economy and Society. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  She has provided research-based advice to the European Commission, European Parliament, UN Women, UK government and NGOs seeking to end violence against women.

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5.30pmWednesday 9th October 2019

Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre Tait Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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