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Developing the next generation of researchers



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Series: Good Practice in Research Week

Guidance and good practice in the recruitment and development of early career researchers and academics

Speakers: Professor Christine McCourt, Dr Claudia Kalay

As part of the fourth day of City’s Good Practice in Research Week, Engagement, Influence and Impact, this ‘Introduction to good practice’ session aimed at Academics and PhD students will cover good practice in the recruitment, management and development of early career researchers and academics.

The aim of the event is to uncover what academic and research leaders wish they had known about managing and developing talent when they started on their careers. The event will provide:

  • Guidelines for academic staff and principal investigators of research grants on how they should recruit a Research Assistant or Research Associate funded from their research grant and describe how long each step in the process is likely to take.
  • guidance for senior academics and research leaders on how to manage the development of their research staff, particularly in relation to guiding, mentoring and supporting the next generation of research and academic leaders.
  • better understanding of the effective development of early career researchers and future leaders by all stakeholders within the HEI, including line managers, HR, staff developers and senior management, in order to enhance talent management and development, and help researchers (as future leaders across all sectors) transition into careers that are right for them.

Professor Christine McCourt is Professor of Maternal and Child Health, School of Health Sciences, where she is joint research lead in the Centre for Research in Maternal and Child Health and Senior Tutor for Research. She teaches at Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral level as well as conducting and supporting a range of research projects. She is a member of school Research Committee and Research Degrees Committee and has recently been awarded funding from the European Commission to research group care of infants in developing countries.

Dr Claudia Kalay has extensive experience in pre- and post-award management of research funding. She now heads the Research Support Services team at City. Her role is to shape the new research support services team across a spectrum of activities from sourcing and securing research funding to post award management of awards and reporting on research outputs. She also takes a lead on particularly complex and high-level funding arrangements, such as doctoral training partnerships.

Her background is in Chemical engineering and Materials Science. After having gained her PhD she worked as post-doctoral research for some years in the UK before changing her career track and moving into research management.

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When and where

2.00pm - 3.00pmThursday 31st October 2019

D104 City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom