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Maintaining response rates: A losing battle?




Speaker: Edith De Leeuw, Utrecht University

Series: City-ESS HQ-NatCen methodology seminar series

Household survey nonresponse is a matter of concern in many countries. In one of the first international trend analyses, de Leeuw and de Heer (2002) found that response rates declined over the years, and that countries differed in response rates and nonresponse trends. Their analyses cover longitudinal data on the Labour Force Survey from National Statistical Institutes for the period 1980 to 1997. Recently, Luiten, De Leeuw and Hox (2018) updated this data set and showed that the trends visible in the early de Leeuw and de Heer study continue with possibly a small deceleration in refusal rates. Other studies confirm this trend. We will present an overview of nonresponse studies and discuss nonresponse trends internationally.

Fighting nonresponse is a continuing battle. Part of the battle is reducing nonresponse as far as possible, and trying to slow the current trends. Part of the battle, is also to gather more information on nonrespondents and assess the potential of nonresponse bias for important surveys in order to better weigh and adjust for nonresponse. As response rates continue to decrease, one of the major challenges that remain is the understanding of nonresponse and nonresponse bias, and the development of sophisticated statistical methods for low response rate surveys.

Edith Desiree de Leeuw is MOA professor of survey methodology at the department of methodology and statistics at Utrecht University. She has over 140 scholarly publications and is co-editor of 4 internationally renowned books on survey methodology: The International Handbook of Survey Methodology, Total Survey Error in Practice, Advances in Telephone Methodology, and Survey Measurement and Process Quality. Her recent publications focus on mixed-mode surveys, nonresponse, and cross-national research. In 2017 Edith received the WAPOR Helen Dinerman prize for lifetime contributions to the field of public opinion and the ESRA award for outstanding services to survey research.

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5.45pm - 7.15pmThursday 23rd May 2019

ELG03 Drysdale Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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Maintaining response rates: A losing battle?

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