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  4. Are Data Scientists dying? - what we are doing wrong, and how to avoid it. -Data Bites Seminar




Are Data Scientists dying? - what we are doing wrong, and how to avoid it. -Data Bites Seminar



Staff, Students, Academics

Research Centre: Research Centre for Machine Learning

Speaker: Ashley Mason, Christos Hadjinikolis (Data Reply)


What data science is nowadays, is probably seen as a saturated topic to discuss; is it though? What is it really that contributed to the success of data science so far? What market and technology dynamics are in place to support it? More importantly, as data scientists keep struggling to define their role and the expectations that stem from it, isn't it about time we asked the right questions? What if a new paradigm—a new kind of professionals—with different skills and abilities, could be more successful? What could we change?

In this talk we give an overview of the data science landscape in the IT industry; discuss challenges and recommend possible ways for dealing with them.


Christos is currently working as a Lead ML-Engineer at Data Reply UK (Big Data Consulting Practice). He holds a PhD in Computer Science and is a visiting researcher at King’s College London, where he works on the development of efficient document clustering algorithms. Over the past three years, Christos has been applying his expertise in the industry working with Big Data Frameworks like Apache Spark and Apache Flink, Neo4J and more, developing ML-models for his company’s clients, as well as end-to-end big data pipelines.

Ashley has recently joined Data Reply UK after completing his Masters in Data Science at City University of London. Ashley’s dissertation focussed on Deep Reinforcement Learning in two-player adversarial games.

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When and where

5.00pm - 6.00pmFriday 22nd March 2019

AG21 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom