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Foundation Day - Celebrating City's 125th Anniversary



On 9th July 1894, a foundation stone was laid to mark the beginning of construction of the Northampton Institute. 125 years later, as City, University of London, we are marking this historic day by celebrating our past, and investing in our future.

Foundation Day will include:

9.15am - Develop@City, with masterclasses and workshops to develop your skills and network with colleagues.
2pm - City Icons awards ceremony, hosted by City alumna, journalist and presenter Samira Ahmed, celebrating City Icons past and present. 
3.30pm - Foundation Day celebration.

Staff are encouraged to participate in the whole day, or pick sessions and events they wish to attend.

We hope you can join us to mark this historic day. Please do register your attendance for planning purposes.

Develop@City 9.15am to 1.30pm

Develop@City will be in the morning and will consist of an exhibition and development sessions. The exhibition is to showcase City staff and initiatives which demonstrate living our values and there will be an opportunity to preview our new values website. Library services will be showcasing a new display of memorabilia and archive photographs, with other fun activities. There will also be a chance for staff to colour in some art boards with illustrations representing 125 years of City history.


View the Develop@City timetable here (pdf)


“What’s important to me?”  - Clarifying what you are looking for in the next steps of your career journey

If you were asked where you would like to go next in your career would you say, “I’m not sure”? Is it difficult to know where to start on that question?

This workshop will introduce you to the importance of clarifying your values in relation to your work and career, and so give you a clearer idea of where to go next. Session delivered by Strengths Focused Leadership.

Building self-belief and confidence

Would you like to feel more confident and display more self-confidence in any situation?

This workshop will help you understand what natural self-confidence looks and feels like, and will introduce you to some techniques to be able to access your natural self-confidence any time. Session delivered by Strengths Focused Leadership.

Powerful conversations that get results

What are the important ingredients for having high quality conversations with stakeholders?

In this workshop you will learn and practise some tools that will enable you to have effective conversations with your stakeholders that will achieve improved outcomes and simultaneously build the strength of your relationships. Session delivered by Strengths Focused Leadership.

From stress to resilience (extended session – 150 minutes)

What are the ingredients to feeling resilience and energised for your work, as opposed to stressed?

In this workshop we will help you find ways to build your energy and resilience and feel motivated to take some action. Session delivered by Strengths Focused Leadership.

NB This is a longer session (one hour and 50 minutes)

All change!  - Turning change from a stressor into an opportunity

Are you experiencing changes at work that have stressed or demotivated you? Would you like to feel you have more control of how change impacts you?

This workshop will introduce you to a solution focused and strength focused way of thinking about change. Session delivered by Strengths Focused Leadership.

N.B. This workshop will work best for attendees who are currently experiencing a period of change at work that they are finding challenging. Or, for people who are likely to be in the near future.

Inter-Active Lecturing

This taster session is based on a highly successful workshop that was specifically commissioned by and designed for lecturers. The session is grounded in the belief that we cannot give a student learning, it is not something that can be just handed to them, rather learning is something that arises out of an interaction! Now, what if there are six different kinds of interactions? And what if the knowledge of them will help you integrate, organise and build upon everything you already know about teaching? The session for all teaching staff, from early career lecturers right through to senior lecturers and heads of school. Session delivered by Evolve Integril Ltd

Story at work

How do you share your ideas? You might have a proposal, an insight, a need for resources, or perhaps a vision of the future? What if Story offers you a rapid way to structure and share that idea with others. During this workshop, you will learn a simple and highly effective story structure that will give you the best chance for your ideas to be at least heard and considered. Session delivered by Evolve Integril Ltd

The Power of Language

What if there are certain words (’turning words’) that can have a considerable impact on the quality of our conversations? This workshop offers you the opportunity to discover and explore these words and see how they can be the difference that makes a difference in all your communication. Session delivered by Evolve Integril Ltd.

Management tips from the City managers

Would you like to learn how managers at City approach common management challenges? Join this session and learn through conversations how these managers approach difficult conversations, one to ones with staff, discuss performance issues, facilitate team meetings, create opportunities for developing staff and create a team charter.

Session delivered by Olga Lavrentieva, Neha Mistry and City managers

Building Bridges, The Penny Drops and The Workshop Toolbox

Building Bridges: An interactive exercise to help groups develop communication, problem solving and team building skills in a creative and fun way.

The Penny Drops:A fun and interactive exercise aimed at identifying ways of improving the efficiency of a process and focusing on ‘value creation’.

The Workshop Toolbox:A dynamic, real life scenario showcasing the types of challenging situations that can crop up in a workshop, how to deal with them and techniques to use to ensure your workshop stays on track.

Sessions delivered by the Modernising Administration for Students (MAfS) Team

Making time for me - art studio

A drop in session that looks at what stops us taking that much needed ‘me’ time.

The room will have different work stations, with a variety of different activities placed on each, these will include:

· Clay

· Knitting, beads and other crafts including fabrics

· Paints and collage

· Musical instruments

· Cushioned area with mindfulness tapes Session delivered by EverArting

What makes you happy? Exploring universal human values

Explore the values that make you tick and what actions and behaviours you associate with them. Find out how you can engage values in your personal and professional life to make a change.
Session delivered by Ellie Simes and Jess Lobo

Social media

This session is open to anyone who wants to learn a bit more about social media and its purpose at City. In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to the five key channels that we use at the university (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram) and go into depth about best practice, driving awareness and how to create engaging content.

Be prepared to get interactive! Delivered by Esen Bozdagli

Unplug with Abstract Drawing

Stepping outside of yourself with fun drawing may be a way to help you feel more creative. This workshop explores how even the most reluctant artist can use drawing to unplug. Have fun exploring what art means to you, try abstract drawing, and understand how co-creation may help nonverbal communication in your team. This workshop is interactive and contains fun practical exercises.

Delivered by David Ross


Library exhibition to commemorate 125 years of City's history.

Demonstrating our values - staff showcase.

Staff art project to colour in iconic images in City’s history.

Bookable sessions

Local history walk with Islington Museum guide Clive Bayliss
Meet at 11.55am by Pavilion entrance. Tour will start promptly at 12pm and will last 50 minutes. 

Yoga session with Grace Lucas
Room ELG11. 12pm start time. Session will last 50 minutes

City Icons awards ceremony 2pm to 3.30pm

Taking the place of the President's Awards for this special year is the City Icons awards ceremony - a glitz and glamour ceremony hosted by alumna, journalist and presenter Samira Ahmed, celebrating City Icons past and present for our 125th anniversary year. Your nominations for past and present staff members have been reviewed and the awards shortlist can be found on the City Icons website, with the winners announced during the awards ceremony. This event will take place in The Great Hall and also includes the unveiling of the original College Building foundation stone.

Foundation Day Celebration 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Following the City Icons Awards, come to City Bar and the Courtyard Cafe to continue celebrations with your colleagues where an exciting range of food and drinks will be available.

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