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Driving decisions through evidence - DataBites Seminar



Staff, Students, Academics

Research Centre: Research Centre for Machine Learning

Speaker: Taniya Kawatra (Unilever)

Title: Driving decisions through evidence

Short bio:

Analytics manager and data scientist with 4+ years of experience in driving research projects in different parts of the business in Unilever. Research scientist by profession we work with a group of PhD and Masters data scientists from a diverse range of backgrounds, alongside business experts based in the head office in Kingston and London. We work to make Unilever more effective with nearly 160K employees and with rich data sources spanning over many years. We are deeply passionate about driving data driven decisions and work on cutting-edge analytical and computational approaches, with a core set of statistical skills. We’ve regularly had Master’s students from various academic partners (including Harvard) work with us and we’d like to now expand our work to address deeper and complex computational problems.

Project descriptions:

  1. Organization Network Analysis

    To find use cases to apply to business decisions using email and meetings metadata. Personalized analytics is on the rise, but there is scant literature on the tangible applicability of the data to deliver better performance to the overall business. We’re looking to scope out exciting proof of concepts with wide-reaching impact and scalability.

  2. Natural Language Processing
    To develop a customized methodology for text analysis using natural language processing. We’ve worked with the leading in the field to apply sentiment analysis to open ended comments and are now looking to personalize the approach with cutting edge-research.

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When and where

5.00pm - 6.00pmFriday 25th January 2019

AG21 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom