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Speech language pathology clinic: a narrative construction space for Brazilian aphasic individuals



Staff, Students, Alumni

The Centre for Language and Communication Science Research at the School of Health Science, City, University of London welcomes you to our next research seminar.

The speech language pathology clinic is a discursive space in which a great variety of meanings are construed, including narrative texts.  Aphasic individuals, frequently, as a result of their speech and writing difficulties, use other non-verbal semioses to express meaning. So, in the clinic, the speech and language therapist must interact with this group of individuals not only through speech and writing, but also through other discursive contingencies such as gesture, movements in space, eye gaze, facial expressions, vocal intonation. Thus, it is understood that interactions from significant routines of language can help aphasic individuals to assume their role as interlocutors with more autonomy, restructuring their narratives with form, sense, and meaning. By hearing their narratives being structured, they begin, little by little, to structure their own language. This presentation aims to discuss the narrative construction process, in the context of aphasia, inside a speech language pathology clinic. For that, we will use some data collected during the meetings of an aphasic individuals group placed at one university located in Brazil. The data will show how one aphasic individual, called CO, 79 years old, could explain his narrative story through gestures, sounds and speech and gradually his interlocutors (therapist and other aphasic individuals) could transform the base text, firstly, into a spoken narrative, and afterwards into a written autobiographic narrative.

Presenter: Dr Ana Cristina Guarinello

Dr Guarinello ( is a Brazilian Speech Language Therapist. She achieved her MPHIL in Education at the University of Bristol /UK, and completed her PhD in Linguistics at University Federal of Paraná/ BRAZIL. She´s a teacher and researcher in the Speech Language Therapy Graduation Course and in the Communication Disorders Master and PhD Programs of University Tuiuti of Paraná, Brazil. Her teaching and research interests are written language development in deaf people, dialogic activities and literacy in aphasic individual’s group therapy, accessibility and literacy in the university and active ageing intervention in elderly people´s groups. Currently she´s a visiting professor at the University College of London.

A light lunch with refreshments will be available from 12noon, talk will start at 12:15pm. For further information please contact Verity Sullivan (

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When and where

12.00pm - 1.30pmMonday 2nd December 2019

MG26 Myddelton Street Building City, University of London 1 Myddelton Street London EC1R 1UW United Kingdom