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“Funnel cruise control”



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Research Centre: Research Centre for Systems & Control

Title: “Funnel cruise control”

Speaker: Dr Thomas Berger


We consider the problem of vehicle following, where a safety distance to the leader vehicle is guaranteed at all times and a favourite velocity is reached as far as possible. We introduce the funnel cruise controller as a novel universal adaptive cruise control mechanism which is model-free and achieves the aforementioned control objectives. The controller consists of a velocity funnel controller, which directly regulates the velocity when the leader vehicle is far away, and a distance funnel controller, which regulates the distance to the leader vehicle when it is close so that the safety distance is never violated. The funnel cruise controller is illustrated by a simulation of three different scenarios which may occur in daily traffic.


Thomas Berger was born in Germany in 1986. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (2008) and his Master of Science in Mathematics and Business Mathematics (2010) from Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany. From September 2011 to February 2012 he was at the City University London, UK, for a research visit and cooperation with Professor Nicos Karcanias. In 2013 he received his PhD in Mathematics from Technische Universität Ilmenau, under the supervision of Professor Achim Ilchmann. Since December 2013 Dr. Berger is a postdoctoral research assistant at the Universität Hamburg, Germany. His research interest encompasses di fferential-algebraic systems, systems and control theory, electrical circuits and mechanical systems. Dr. Berger received several awards for his dissertation including the "2015 European PhD Award on Control for Complex and Heterogeneous Systems" from the European Embedded Control Institute and the "Dr.-Körper-Preis 2015" from the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.

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When and where

1.00pm - 2.00pmWednesday 7th November 2018

C305 City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom