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Zubin Kanga: Wikipiano




Adventurous pianist Zubin Kanga returns to City with a programme of new works for piano and multimedia, exploring a range of screen cultures, from film to video art to internet culture.


  • Claudia Molitor, You Touched the Twinkle on the Helix of my Ear (world premiere)
  • Michel van der Aa, Transit
  • Adam de la Cour, Transplant the Movie 2!: Assignment ‘Re-Rise’ Dark Return (world premiere)
  • Alexander Schubert, Wikipiano (UK premiere)

Claudia Molitor uses film of her own hands to explore the composer’s role as puppet master with a constantly evolving relationship between the performer and the notation handwritten on screen. Michel van der Aa’s Transit combines film and music to explore the loneliness and paranoia of an elderly man trapped in his own home. Adam de la Cour builds on the success of his horror-inspired work Transplant the Movie! with this sequel, riffing off genre tropes of 1980s action and spy movies, featuring an assassin using a cover as a cocktail pianist to infiltrate the evil Steinway Clan. And Alexander Schubert’s major new work, Wikipiano, receives its UK premiere. It features a website that allows the public to edit the score and multimedia parts, creating a constantly evolving work that explores internet-based crowd behavior.

Performed by

Zubin Kanga, piano

Nicholas Moroz, electronics

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When and where

7.00pm - 8.00pmTuesday 8th May 2018

Performance Space College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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