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SHS Film Club: The King's Speech



Public, Staff, Students, Alumni, Prospective Postgraduates, Prospective Undergraduates, Academics

Speaker: Sharon Millard

Series: School of Health Sciences Film Club

The King’s Speech is the story of King George VI and the challenges he faced with his stammer. The film is based on the diaries of Lionel Logue, his therapist. Lionel Logue provided therapy and support for the King for many years to varying degrees and in different ways. The film provides an insight into the nature of stammering and the impact that it has. It considers a range of therapeutic methods, many of which are precursors to the clinical strategies utilised today and some which are still used!

Stammering (or stuttering as it is otherwise known) affects approximately 1% of the population and approximately 5% of children will stammer for a period of time. Therefore, the chances are high that you, a relative, or someone you know, will have stammered. This film will appeal to all those who have been touched by stammering; who may work with this client group, or, who are interested in the challenges that people face in daily life.

Here at City, we are aware that we have staff and students who stammer who would also like additional support or contact with others. Because of this, we have become involved with the Stammerers Through University Campaign (STUC).

Sharon Millard has agreed to act as discussant for this event.

This is a free educational event shown under the 1988 Copyright Act and is available to audience of students, staff and other persons directly connected with the activities of the establishment.

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When and where

2.00pm - 5.00pmWednesday 7th February 2018

Poynton Lecture Theatre Centenary Building City, University of London Spencer Street London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom