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AdS3 holographic correlators with heavy states



Staff, Students, Academics

Speaker: Rodolfo Russo (QMUL)

Research Centre: Department of Mathematics


The AdS/CFT duality maps supersymmetric heavy operators with conformal dimension of the order of the central charge to asymptotically AdS supergravity solutions. I'll show how by studying the quadratic fluctuations around such backgrounds it is possible to derive the 4-point correlators of two light and two heavy states in the supergravity approximation. I'll present some explicit examples in the AdS3 setup relevant for the duality with the D1-D5 CFT and discuss what we can learn in general about correlators among heavy pure states.

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When and where

3.00pm - 4.30pmTuesday 6th February 2018

A225 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom