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Work in a time of ecological crisis



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The Department of Sociology in the The School of Arts and Social Sciences welcomes Dr Lynne Pettinger as part of its 2017-18 Research Seminar Series.

We live ‘In Catastrophic Times’ (Stengers, 2015).

Ecological crisis is central to that catastrophe, made through a capitalism that takes for granted the extraction of value from ‘nature’, which matters in lots of ways. This seminar will focus on the paper of the relationships between ecological crisis and work – paid and unpaid.

Environmental change has shaped, is shaping and will shape work, and so will shape human and non-human ways of living. It is also shaped by work – by how work is organised and by the norms and values of those who are able to shape the organisation of work (and there may be more of these shapers than you might assume).

This seminar will examine how environmental catastrophe is changing work; from the political response that places its faith in ‘green growth’, to the alterations to daily provisioning and care that result from climate change. This will also explore the ethics and politics of green work, considering especially feminist ideas of care as a way to combine and ecological ethics with recognition of the ethics and politics of work in order to carefully imagine better futures.

About the speaker

Dr Lynne Pettinger, Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr Lynne Pettinger is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick. Her research explores the intersections of work and markets, using the insights of economic sociology to make sense of forms of work. It explores how market cultures are generated, and how ethics, aesthetics and emotions are worked on in global consumer capitalism. She has developed these themes in projects on sales work, sex work and music work, and these ideas form the basis of Work, Consumption and Capitalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).

The talk will commence at 2:30pm and will be introduced by Rachel Cohen, Head of the Department of Sociology.

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When & where

2.30pm - 4.00pmWednesday 4th October 2017

DLG20 Rhind Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1R 0JD United Kingdom