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The development of push-to-web surveys in the UK



Speakers: Ms Gerry Nicolaas & Dr Patten Smith, Ipsos Mori, discussant Dr Ana Villar, European Social Survey ERIC

Series: NatCen-ESS ERIC-City methodology seminar series

The School of Arts & Social Sciences, on behalf of City, University of London, welcomes Ms Gerry Nicolaas, Dr Pattern Smith and Dr Ana Villar, to City, University of London.

*Please note the change in location for this event.



In the UK, we have observed an increasing interest in the use of push-to-web survey designs for random probability surveys of the general population, including surveys that produce official statistics. ‘Push-to-web’ surveys use offline contact methods to encourage people to go online and complete a web questionnaire. This design may or may not offer alternative modes of data collection but, if so, only in subsequent contact attempts among web non-respondents.


This seminar will review the development of this methodology in the UK and elsewhere, concluding with the challenges that still need to be addressed and require further research.

About the speakers

Gerry Nicolaas

Gerry Nicolaas is Head of Data Collection Methodology in the Research Methods Centre at Ipsos MORI. Gerry has 25 years’ experience as a survey researcher and a survey methodologist in government, academia and the non-profit sector. As Head of Data Collection Methodology, she provides survey methodological advice to internal and external clients on a wide range of surveys. Throughout her career Gerry has concentrated on emerging survey methodological issues in two key areas: (1) data collection modes and (2) non-response. More recently that includes the use of (mobile) web to survey the general population. Gerry currently sits on the committee of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) and the Understanding Society Methodological Advisory Committee.

Dr Patten Smith

Dr Patten Smith is Director of Research Methods and head of the Research Methods Centre at Ipsos MORI. In this role he provides both technical sampling and design input to a wide range of Ipsos MORI surveys and conducts primary research in a range of survey methodological issues. Patten regularly publishes papers for journals and conferences and has taught survey research methods to postgraduate students at Surrey University, the London School of Economics and Kings College London. He is currently Chair of the Social Research Association (SRA), a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS), and a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).

Dr Ana Villar

Dr Ana Villar is Research Fellow at the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys since 2012. She coordinates the Mixed Mode Methodology Programme of Research for the European Social Survey and is a work package director on the SERISS project looking at  the feasibility of a CROss-National Online Survey Panel (CRONOS). Her ongoing research interests encompass the study of measurement error due to questionnaire design, nonresponse bias in telephone surveys, measurement error in online surveys, the use of interpreters in survey interviews, nonresponse bias, data collection mode effects and public opinion of climate change. She previously worked in Jon Krosnick's Political Psychology Research group at Stanford University, conducting research on methodological aspects of online panel surveys, nonresponse and measurement error, and survey weighting.

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When & where

5.45pm - 7.15pmWednesday 25th October 2017

C309 Tait Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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