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Making sense of the world: schizophrenia as a disorder of the social brain.




Series: Psychology research seminars

Schizophrenia Research: Latest Updates

Keynote speaker:
Prof Sohee Park (Vanderbilt University).
Making sense of the world; schizophrenia as a disorder of the social brain.

Other speakers:
Dr Anne-Kathrin Fett
Eighteen-year course of cognitive functioning in psychotic disorders. Findings from the Suffolk County longitudinal study.

Dr Francesco Rigolli
Novelty processing during decision-making in schizophrenia.

Dr Corinna Haenschel
Influence of early visual processing on working memory performance and its dysfunctions in schizophrenia.

Dr Danai Dima
Connectomics and genetics in psychosis.

Other talks in the series:

  • Oct 25th: Dr Gillian Forrester (Birkbeck). Title: Motor Dominances and the Evolution of Human Cognition: A Cross-Species Perspective.
  • Nov 1st: tbc
  • Nov 10th: Prof Sohee Park (Vanderbilt University). Title: Making Sense of the World; Schizophrenia as a Disorder of the Social Brain.
  • Nov 15th: Dr Stefaan Van Damme (Ghent University). Title: How pain and attention influence each other.
  • Nov 22nd: Silvio Aldrovandi (Birmingham City University). Title: The stability of “unstable” preferences and judgments: A rank-based approach to anchoring.
  • Nov 29th: Mary Watts (Emeritus Professor of Psychology, City University). Title: Building Bridges: Perspectives on reflective practice, infinite learning and research.
  • Dec 6th:  Matt Field (University of Liverpool). Title: Cognitive processes in addiction: new directions and clinical implications.
  • Dec 13th: Emmanouil Konstantinidis (Centre for Decision Research, University of Leeds). Title: The decision dynamics of risky intertemporal choice: Preference accumulation, path dependency, and delayed optimism.

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When & where

2.00pm - 5.00pmFriday 10th November 2017

D427 Social Sciences Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom