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InstMC Awards lecture - “High-speed Image Sensing and Its Applications”



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Speaker: Prof Masatoshi Ishikawa

The InstMC Awards Lecture

“High-speed Image Sensing and Its Applications”

The event is being held on 28th NOVEMBER 2017 starting with the lecture in B200 Northampton Square at 5:30pm Following this there will be a wine and canapés reception at 7:15pm in the Pavilion.

This event is being hosted by the Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) and City, University of London, the event’s focus is to award Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa the Finkelstein medal. The medal is awarded annually to an eminent engineer who has made notable contributions to measurement, internationally. The ceremony will be followed by an hour-long Lecture by Professor Ishikawa, who will talk about High-Speed Image Sensing and Its Applications.

Prof Masatoshi Ishikaw

Abstract: Recent intelligent systems require sensing technology based on dynamic sensor fusion in real time and real world using hierarchical parallel distributed processing architecture. Design concepts of parallel decomposition and dynamics matching are most important for high performance intelligent systems. In order to realise high-speed intelligent systems, we developed a high-speed vision system with 1,000fps imaging and processing capabilities in a smart device. It will open a new era of measurement and control.

During the lecture, design concepts and basic architecture of intelligent systems will be explained. In addition, applications of the high-speed vision to human interface, high-speed 3D measurement, biomedical instrumentation, FA, inspection, high-speed robots, vehicles, and security will be shown using videos.

Event contact for queries: Suzanne Thomas

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When and where

5.30pm - 8.00pmTuesday 28th November 2017

B200 University Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom