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Data Science in the Wild



Staff, Students, Academics

Speaker: David Asboth, Cox Automotive Data Solutions

Research Centre: Research Centre for Machine Learning

Title: Data Science in the Wild


Cox Automotive is the world’s largest automotive service organisation, and that means we can combine data from across the entire vehicle lifecycle. We are on a journey to turn this data into insights and want to share some of our experiences. For example, we’ve learned that in cases like ours, data science is more than a sum of technical skills; domain knowledge and people skills matter. We present what we believe is the spectrum of different types of data science, where we fit in, and what data science looks like “in the wild”.

Short bio:

David Asboth is a Data Scientist at Cox Automotive Data Solutions and a City, University of London alumnus. His day job mostly involves creating value from messy and incomplete data.

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When and where

6.00pm - 7.00pmWednesday 1st November 2017

AG21 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom