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A demonstration of CHAIN (Contacts, Help, Advice & Information Network)





The Centre for Health Services Research at the School of Health Sciences invites David Evans to demonstrate CHAIN.

CHAINContact, Help, Advice and Information Network – is a free online international network for people working in health and social care. For more information on CHAIN, please visit the website.

CHAIN has been a pioneering online multi-professional resource for clinicians, service managers, researchers and educators for the past 20 years. The network provides a simple but highly effective way to identify and tap into the accumulated knowledge and experience of its 15,500+ members, who join voluntarily and at no cost. CHAIN is used by individual members to ask specific questions, share intelligence and resources, and to create collaborations.

It is also used by its stake-holders organisations, (led by the National Institute for Health Research), as a highly efficient consultation and dissemination conduit. The demo for students will show how the network functions, using in real time the online CHAIN directory to identify members with particular interests or attributes, in contexts that would be relevant to student or newly-qualified health-care professionals or researchers. Audience participants will then be invited to suggest questions or issues that are of current interest to them, and these will be used to illustrate how CHAIN offers a precise and rapid way of mining the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of its diverse and supportive membership.

About the speaker

David Evans began working in the NHS in 1985, training in finance and value for money audit and commissioning, in Health Authorities in Surrey and across London. Working at Regional level David developed an interest in clinical effectiveness and when the NHS Research & Development Programme launched in the early 1990s me moved into a role to create and improve linkages between the NHS and R&D in North Thames (later London) Region, with an emphasis on engagement and dissemination of evidence and the implementation of evidence-based improvements.

He developed his own understanding of evidence-based practice studying at Oxford, and in 1997 he established the CHAIN, a multi-professional virtual mutual-support network for clinicians, service managers, researchers and educators. Since 2003 directing CHAIN has been his main role, and in 2005 the network became semi-autonomous. The membership has subsequently grown more than 6-fold and CHAIN now has more than 15,500 members, of whom 12,500 are in the UK and 3,000 are overseas.

David now lives in Scotland with his wife and two daughters.

A light lunch with refreshments will be provided from 12:45.

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When and where

12.45pm - 2.00pmMonday 20th November 2017

MG26 Myddelton Street Building City, University of London 1 Myddelton Street London EC1R 1UW United Kingdom