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Optimising mental health acute home treatment: CRT implementation and the CORE study


Staff, Students, Academics

The Centre for Mental Health Research presents this research seminar by Brynmor Lloyd-Evans, of University College London.


Crisis Resolution Teams (CRTs) are a standard part of mental health acute care systems in England. CRTs’ outcomes and implementation are variable, and there is a lack of evidence about how to implement the CRT effectively.

The CORE research programme addresses this gap in knowledge through: a systematic literature review of CRT implementation; a national survey of CRT managers (n=192); and interviews and focus groups (n=108) with CRT stakeholders. A fidelity scale and review process was developed to assess adherence to a CRT best-practice model. A CRT service improvement package was developed and evaluated in a cluster randomised trial (n=25 CRT teams). Trial results will be available in late 2016.

This presentation will present completed work from the CORE study to address three key questions for CRTs:
i) Are Crisis Resolution Teams an effective service model?
ii) What are the important components of an optimal Crisis Resolution Team?
iii) How can service improvement in Crisis Resolution Teams be supported?
A quality assessment tool and service improvement resources for Crisis Resolution Teams will be presented. Implications for research, policy and practice will be discussed.

About the speaker

Brynmor Lloyd-Evans is a Senior Lecturer at University College London. His research interests include: social care and social inclusion, mental health services research, process evaluation and service improvement. He currently co-leads a feasibility study of a community navigation intervention to reduce loneliness for people with depression in secondary care. He manages a research programme on implementation of Crisis Resolution Teams and has collaborated with UCL colleagues on a series of studies on mental health crisis alternatives to hospital admission. He is a registered social worker and has worked in Community Mental Health Teams and forensic rehabilitation services in London.

Lunch will be provided from 12:45. The seminar will commence at 13:00.
Please accept the invitation only if you will be attending for catering purposes.

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When & where

12.45pm - 2.00pmMonday 22nd May 2017

MG26 Myddelton Street Building City, University of London 1 Myddelton Street London EC1R 1UW United Kingdom

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