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Food Thinkers: How can we make progress on normalising Sustainable Diets?


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This Food Thinkers seminar is an opportunity to discuss the issue of sustainable diets. This simple phrase sometimes seems to cover a vast range of issues shaping how and what we eat, from the environment to ethics, from the labour process to the content of foods. Three researchers will lead off discussion: Dr Tara Garnett of Oxford University who set up the Food Climate Research Network which has been a key global source of data and thinking over the last 11 years; Dr Modi Mwatsama of the UK Health Forum, which has been preparing a new report on how Health Sustainable Diets policy options in the UK; and Prof Tim Lang, of the Centre for Food Policy, whose new book Sustainable Diets (with Pamela Mason) offers an overview of the topic.

About the Speakers

Tim Lang
Tim Lang has been Professor of Food Policy at City University London's Centre for Food Policy since 2002. After a PhD in social psychology at Leeds University, he became a hill farmer in the 1970s which shifted his attention to food policy, where it has been ever since. For over 35 years, he's engaged in academic and public research and debate about its direction, locally to globally. His abiding interest is how policy addresses the environment, health, social justice, and citizens.He has been a consultant to the World Health Organisation (eg. auditing the Global Top 25 Food Companies on food and health). He has been a special advisor to four House of Commons Select Committee inquiries (food standards x 2, globalisation and obesity), and a consultant on food security to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). He was a Commissioner on the UK Government's Sustainable Development Commission (2006-11), reviewing progress on food sustainability. He was on the Council of Food Policy Advisors to the Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (2008-10), and was appointed to the Mayor of London's Food Board in 2010

Tara Garnett
Tara Garnett initiated and runs the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN), based at the Environmental Change Institute. Her work focuses on the contribution that the food system makes to greenhouse gas emissions and the scope for emissions reduction, looking at the technological options, at what could be achieved by changes in behaviour and how policies could help promote both these approaches. She is particularly interested in the relationship between emissions reduction objectives and other social and ethical concerns, particularly human health, livelihoods, and animal welfare. Much of her focus is on livestock, since this represents a nodal point where many of these issues converge. Tara is keen to collaborate through the FCRN with other organisations to undertake research, organise events and build and extend interdisciplinary, intersectoral knowledge in this field.

Modi Mwatsama
Modi Mwatsama is Director of Policy and Global Health at the UK Health Forum. She is is responsible for the UKHF’s policy portfolio on NCD prevention and global health. Her professional areas of expertise include food, alcohol, obesity, sustainable development, global health, and public health advocacy and implementation at local, national and international levels. She previously worked for the Global Research Network on Urban Health Equity at University College London and Heart of Mersey – England’s largest cardiovascular disease prevention programme. Modi sits on the Council of the Association for Nutrition and the Health Improvement Committee of the Faculty of Public Health. Recent national advisory committees she has served on include Public Health England groups on dietary guidelines, sugar and global health. Modi is a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and holds a Doctorate in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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When & where

4.00pm - 6.00pmWednesday 24th May 2017

A130 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom