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Simulated Clients – a workshop on interdisciplinary learning and teaching in legal education


Public, Staff, Students, Academics

An event of the Legal Education Forum of City Law School’s Centre for the Study of Legal Professional Practice in conjunction with the PEARL Centre (Profession, Education and Regulation in Law) at the ANU College of Law and the Society of Legal Scholars.

The use of simulated clients in legal education derives from medical education’s simulated patients (SPs), where lay people (ie persons not medically trained) are trained to do three things well: first, simulate specific medical conditions, second, assess the patient-facing skills of communication and physical examination, third, to give feedback on those skills to learners.  SPs can be used for formative assessment or summative, high-stakes assessment.  They can also be used in what are called OSCEs, Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, alongside assessments of knowledge, skills and values.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to hear from a distinguished medical educator who has worked in the field of simulation.  You will hear in detail the work of the Simulated Client Initiative (SCI), its global setting, and examples of SCs in use in a range of programmes.  You will learn how to set up a SC project in your institution, how SCs interact with students, novice lawyers and can be used for lawyers’ continuous professional development, and how they can be used to develop a range of legal skills.  You’ll learn how to sustain a community of SCs in your law school, how to create a research agenda around the heuristic, and much else.

For a full synopsis and timings of the event please download the programme.

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When & where

9.50am - 4.00pmFriday 2nd June 2017

Atkin Building City, University of London 4 Gray's Inn Place London WC1R 5DX United Kingdom

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