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Assessing the risk of mode effects in surveys




Speakers: Jo d’Ardenne (NatCen), Annette Jäckle (Institute for Social and Economic Research)

Series: NatCen-ESS ERIC-City methodology seminar series

The costs of collecting survey data with telephone or face-to-face interviewers is ever increasing. As a result many surveys are facing increasing pressures to exploit opportunities presented by the web to administer questionnaires online. For many large-scale general population surveys switching to web-only data collection is however not an option, since web coverage is still quite selective. Instead many surveys are preparing to use web in addition to face-to-face or telephone interviewing.

This seminar looks at the implications of using a mix of face-to-face interviews and web questionnaires for measurement, whether data collected with these modes are comparable and which characteristics of survey questions predict measurement differences using data from a mixed mode experiment carried in the Innovation Panel of Understanding Society. The seminar will present a framework for predicting the risk of mode effects for individual survey questions and assess  which characteristics of a survey question predict whether answers differ between modes.

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When and where

12.30pm - 1.45pmWednesday 14th June 2017

NatCen Social Research 35 Northampton Square London EC1V 0AX United Kingdom

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