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What is the Potential Impact of Brexit on EU and UK Employment Law?




Series: ISEL Research Seminars

Speaker: Professor Jeff Kenner (University of Nottingham)

Britain's prospective withdrawal from the EU has the potential to have a profound impact on the future development of employment law both in the EU and the UK. In no other area has British Euroscepticism been more evident. From its opposition to the Maastricht Social Chapter to resistance to the Working Time Directive, Britain has established a reputation as the "awkward partner". The UK was also at the forefront in backing the Barroso Commission's highly contested push for more flexible labour markets and deregulation.  How might EU social and employment policies develop without the UK's participation? Is there potential for a strengthening of EU employment law and a more protective approach or will Brexit make little difference? In the UK, statutory protection of employment rights relies on EU minimum standards in areas such as health and safety, equality, worker consultation, work and family rights, holiday leave and rights for non-standard workers. UK tribunals and courts have been guided by the activist rulings of the Court of Justice (CJEU). Despite the Great Repeal Bill promising continuity, much of the EU's employment legislation, and the CJEU's interpretation thereof, is despised by many hard line Brexiteers. To what extent do the Article 50 negotiations offer a prospect of maintaining EU employment law and the CJEU's influence post-Brexit as part of the price to be paid for continuing access to the Single Market?

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1.00pm - 3.00pmWednesday 1st February 2017

AG01 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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