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Cultural Populism, Then and Now





Speakers:  Stuart Allan, Ros Brunt, Kate Lacey, Jim McGuigan, Angela McRobbie, Toby Miller, Graham Murdock, Deborah Phillips, Tom Steele, Nick Stevenson, Chris Rojek and Gary Whannel

2017 is the 25 year anniversary of the publication of Cultural Populism by Jim McGuigan. Insisting that we foreground the relationship between culture and the economy, and avoid idealist forms of analysis which reproduce the celebratory norms of corporate culture, it created a considerable stir in cultural studies and reinvigorated debates over how we understand the relationship between culture, politics, power and capitalism. Cultural Populism identified themes that he has continued to work on since then with Cool Capitalism and Neoliberal Culture, marking the beginning of what would be a formidable contribution to cultural studies.

This one-day seminar will reflect on Jim McGuigan’s contribution to the field, on the development of cultural studies since the intervention of Cultural Populism, and the meanings of populism and commercialism in relation to contemporary culture. In an age of Brexit, Trump, social media and consumer citizenship, what progress have we made towards the kind of ‘critical populism’ that McGuigan argued for – and what other approaches and tools are needed?

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When & where

10.45am - 5.00pmFriday 1st December 2017

City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom