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  4. Using Digital 3D Reconstruction Methods for Visual Humanities Research and Education




Using Digital 3D Reconstruction Methods for Visual Humanities Research and Education



Staff, Students, Academics

Speaker: Sander Muenster

Research Centre: Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design

Title: Using Digital 3D Reconstruction Methods for Visual Humanities Research and Education


Digital visual humanities subsume a wide scope of research approaches dealing with the investigation of complex visual information to answer research interests from humanities by using ICT as, for example, digital 3D reconstruction methods. Technological backgrounds, project opportunities, as well as methodological considerations for application are widely discussed in literature. In contrast, it is a still ongoing challenge will be to disseminate these techniques within a wider scientific community and establish them in disciplines’ academic cultures. With this background, many research activities at my department during the last years are proposed to support that dissemination process. This is done by (1) investigating scenarios and practices for an employment of digital visualization methods and approaches for scientific research, (2) identifying requirements and recommendations for digital tools, and (3) developing and evaluating how to learn and teach the use of digital visualization methods and, in particular, digital 3D reconstruction techniques in visual humanities. Within the seminar I’ll present and discuss some preliminary results as well as research perspectives emerging from our former and ongoing research projects. Moreover, I would be happy to learn about your research subjects within a brief interactive workshop.

Short Bio:

Sander Müenster is Head of the Department of Media Design and Media Production of the Media Center of the Technical University of Dresden. For more than 15 years, Sander has been dealing intensively with 3D visualization and animation. In 2004, he turned this passion into a profession – the birth of the 3D graphic agency 3Dkosmos. To date, he has executed more than 250 3D visualization and animation projects primarily on topics of science, architecture and advertising. Results have been published in journals, such as Nature, as well as broadcast on nationwide television and presented on international fairs and exhibitions. Another interest concerns interactive three-dimensional applications, like virtual and augmented reality applications, geo based 4D browser systems, as well as for mobile 3D applications.

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When and where

1.00pmFriday 21st October 2016

A107 College Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom