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CANCELLED: Laura Moody: Live at City




This event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, apologies for the inconvenience.

A rare chance to see the unique “avant-singer-songwriter” and cellist Laura Moody in an intimate setting.

Moody will be performing her own songs (as heard on her solo album, Acrobats), which combine pop, experimental and classical music to alternately mesmerising and haunting effect.

...for enjoyable astonishment, nothing quite beats the singer-cellist Laura Moody. She plays lyrically; then as if it was a box for sound effects. She sings her own almost-pop songs, gurgles, hoots, wails, taps her throat with the bow. Yet it's all seamless, as if she, the cello and the music are a single organism..."

The Irish Times

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When & where

7.00pm - 8.00pmTuesday 11th October 2016