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Towards Wireless Collaboration



Staff, Students, Academics

Speaker: Dominic Pates, Educational Technologist with City, University of London's Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) Department

Research Centre: Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design

Title: Towards Wireless Collaboration


Most university staff and students bring their own mobile digital devices into the learning space. Typically, the physical infrastructure doesn't enable either group to easily make use of the affordances of such devices beyond connecting to available wifi networks. This can result in effects such as usage in group contexts being profoundly personal rather than social, or the raising of barriers to passing around content at the point of engagement with it. Mobile devices therefore tend not to be used collaboratively in the face-to-face context.

In this seminar, Dom will present investigations conducted so far at City towards bringing wireless collaboration technologies to the university's learning spaces, and the challenges faced in doing so. Participants will have an opportunity to try out a technology currently being piloted in SMCSE Civil Engineering that facilitates wireless projection of an iPad in undergraduate teaching labs, and will be invited to contribute to possible use cases for such technologies.

Short Bio:

Dom is an Educational Technologist with City's Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) department, where he supports SMCSE academics in their pedagogical uses of educational technologies and contributes to institutional projects around learning spaces. He has presented a case study on City's work in learning spaces innovations at an international conference and in a peer-reviewed journal, and has been in pursuit of a wireless collaboration solution for City since joining in 2014. Other conference or event topics presented on have included mobile learning, incorporating blogs into teaching, and use of Creative Commons in the classroom. He gained an MA in Digital Media from Sussex University in 2013, with a dissertation titled '198 Ways to Keep the Internet Open'. Prior to working in educational technology, he spent several years as both an English language and an IT teacher, and has taught in both the UK and in Japan.

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When and where

1.00pmFriday 25th November 2016

A108 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom