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Co-Learning on Equality in a Diverse Law School




Speaker: Tamara Hervey, School of Law, The University of Sheffield

How should we support undergraduate and postgraduate student and staff learning in a diverse and internationalised law school in ways that recognise the effects and implications of (lack of) equality and diversity, yet empower all students to excel (however they choose to define excellence)? This seminar reports on a series of over-lapping projects that form my collaborative research and learning agenda on legal education, equality, and diversity. I am interested in many dimensions of (lack of) equality in law schools, and in the legal profession, and I recognise the insights from intersectionality in seeking to pursue my research and learning & teaching agenda.

My focus is not so much on access to law school, but on how the opportunities presented by doing a law degree are differently available to students from different social classes, racial/ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, or (dis)abilities; and to male, female students and those who identify with neither sex or gender.  

In particular, I will explain an asset-focused approach to learning, drawn from positionality. Positionality embodies the idea that certain aspects of identity are markers of relational positions rather than essential qualities. Thus positionality stands in opposition to essentialism. Positionality is related to intersectionality, in that it allows for multiple identities, rather than pigeonholing individuals into just one box (black, female, gay, disabled, etc).  Because positionality focuses on lived experience, it also pays great attention to people’s stories.


Tamara K Hervey, LLB, PhD, FAcSS, PFHEA is Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at the University of Sheffield. She researches, teaches, and writes on EU social and constitutional law, in particular its application in health fields; on equality law; on interfaces between biosciences and (European) law; on social rights; and on legal pedagogy.

Tamara is author/editor of 16 books/edited collections and over 100 articles and book chapters.  Key recent publications include T Hervey and P Rostant, ‘ “All About That Bass”? Is non-ideal-weight discrimination unlawful in the UK?’ 79 Modern Law Review (2016) 248-282; T Hervey and J McHale, European Union Health Law: Themes and Implications (CUP, 2015) (lxviii + 679pp); S Peers, T Hervey, J Kenner, A Ward, eds, Commentary on the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights (Hart 2014).

Tamara is currently pursuing projects in two broad fields: Transnational, global and comparative health law; and Equality and Diversity.

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3.00pm - 5.00pmWednesday 23rd November 2016

AG03 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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Kate Barnes

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City, University of London
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