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From studies of consciousness to a treatment for blindness?




Series: Psychology Seminar Series

This seminar will be presented by Professor Derek Arnold (The University of Queensland, Australia).

Talk will take place between 1-2pm, but refreshments will be available from 12.30 and until 2.30pm.

Other talks in the series:

  • January 20th: Prof Derek Arnold (The University of Queensland, Australia) Title: 'From studies of consciousness to a treatment for blindness?'
  • January 27th: Prof Lars Muckli (University of Glasgow), Title: 'Predictive coding of auditory and contextual information in early visual cortex – evidence from layer specific fMRI brain reading'
  • February 3rd: Professor Mike Oaksford (Birkbeck College), Title: 'On the Source of Human Irrationality: Bayesian Brains and the New Paradigm'
  • February 10th: Aikaterini Fotopoulou (UCL) Title: 'The Touched Self: Affective Touch and Body Awareness in Health and Disease'
  • February 17th: Dr Clare Press (Birkbeck), Title: 'Mapping between action and perception: Domain-specificity of mechanisms and implications for autism'
  • February 24th: Dr Todd Bailey (Cardiff University), Title: 'From linguistic rules and exceptions to robust back-propagation: a cautionary tale in not believing everything you read'.
  • March 2nd: Reading Week
  • March 9th: Anna Hsu (King’s College London), Title: 'Designing for Behaviour Change'
  • March 16th: David Rakison (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Title 'Concept formation in infancy: extracting correlational regularities in the input'.
  • March 23rd: Emily Cross (Bangor University), Title: 'The shaping of complex action perception by experience’

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When and where

1.00pm - 2.00pmWednesday 20th January 2016

AG03 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom