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Generation Right



Film Screening of 'Generation Right'.

Using the Thatcher and Major governments (1979- 1997) as the case study, the film's aim is to explore the experiences of crime, victimisation and fear of crime at the national and regional levels, and for key socio-demographic groups, since the 1970s (and where possible earlier than this). Recent publications have demonstrated the appropriateness of the general methodology (Farrall and Jennings 2012; Jennings et al 2012) and two theoretical papers (see Hay and Farrall, 2011; Farrall and Hay 2010) have outlined our thinking with regards to the ways in which ‘Thatcherite’ social and economic policies in one policy domain (e.g. housing) created ‘spill-over’ effects in other policy domains (such as crime).

Nearly a quarter century after it ended, the UK remains profoundly changed by Margaret Thatcher's premiership. Michelle Coomber's archive rich film is a timely reminder of how Thatcher decisively set about implementing a profound sea change in the United Kingdom in order to create “a climate of opportunity and enterprise”. The vast number of changes her government introduced led to a period of prolonged bitterness, record unemployment and crime for much of the country.

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The showing will be followed with a Q&A session with Professor Stephen Farrall (University of Sheffield) who was involved in the making of the film and the ESRC project Long-term Trajectories of Crime in the UK.

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When & where

6.00pm - 8.00pmWednesday 24th February 2016

AG22 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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Peter Aggar

Research Support Services Manager

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