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Whither, whose and why TTIP?




Series: Jean Monnet Chair of EU law


ISEL logoThis inter-disciplinary research seminar with participants from European Union law, European Private Law, EU External Relations, public international law and International Economic law takes a broad look at the state Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations across a range of subjects. What perspective is best to capture what it is and what it could do? Why has TTIP captured so much public attention?

Much effort is spent on considering how to democratise TTIP. Is TTIP an opportunity for best and better practice in rule-making beyond the Nation State? Are there better or more worthy and localised targets? Can mega-regional trade agreements really be improved? TTIP has spurred a rethink of international arbitration processes and procedures. What is its most troublesome chapter? TTIP’s regulatory cooperation chapter and its purported institutionalisation raise issues of some breadth. What normative perspective is best to adopt for a living entity?

The secrecy of the negotiations has been a recurring theme of the TTIP negotiations, as have its muted constituents. Has the politicisation of authority beyond the national state or rising delegation of authority to international organisations strengthen the political relevance of global trade? Do voters, national representatives matter a bit more in this process as a result or despite thereof? Who has socially, morally, financially, economically etc benefitted from the negotiations? Is its place in the global legal order more salient than in transatlantic relations? Is TTIP beneficial for global governance, International arbitration or the EU?

Welcome:  Professor Panos Koutrakos, Jean Monnet Chair of EU law, The City Law School

Speaker: Professor Harm Schepel (University of Kent)

Discussant: Dr Andrew Lang (LSE)

Other Panellists: Professor David Collins, Professor Sir Alan Dashwood (The City Law School)

Moderator: Dr Elaine Fahey (The City Law School)

Funded by the Jean Monnet Chair of EU law at The City Law School, City University London.

This event is organised by the Institute for the Study of European Laws (ISEL) and International Laws and Affairs Group (ILAG), and funded by the Jean Monnet Chair of EU law, at The City Law School, City University London.

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When and where

6.00pm - 8.00pmMonday 12th October 2015

A130 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom