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Unilateral, Extraterritorial Action and Climate Change




Speaker: Joanne Scott - Professor of European Law, University Collee Lonson

Series: Institute for the Study of European Laws (ISEL) research seminar series


It is increasingly common for states to adopt climate change legislation that includes within its scope greenhouse gas emissions that occur outside of their territory. This legislation is frequently characterized as extraterritorial and its appropriateness and legality is cast in doubt. Drawing upon Simon Caney's distinction between first-order and second-order climate responsibilities, this chapter seeks to identify the circumstances in which it may be appropriate for states to extend the global reach of their climate change law. One of the key arguments is that when states exercise second-order climate responsibilities, they should take the principle of common but differentiated responsibility into account. The chapter concludes by examining recent cases which shed light on the lawfulness of 'extraterritorial' climate legislation as a matter of domestic and international law. 


Joanne Scott is Professor of European Law at University College London. Her main areas of expertise are European Union Law and WTO Law. She has published extensively on law and new modes of governance, environmental law and policy and on the intersections between different sub-national, national and international legal orders. 

She was recently awarded a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship for her research on the global reach of EU climate change law (2012-2014).

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When and where

1.00pm - 3.00pmWednesday 18th March 2015

AG02 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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