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The Measurement of National Well-being



The City Q-Step Centre presents The Measurement of National Well-being seminar. 

In this seminar, Paul Allin will be discussing some of the themes covered in his recently published book 'The Wellbeing of Nations: Meaning, Motive and Measurement' (Wiley, 2014) asking what is national well-being, can we measure it, and why should we?

All are welcome to attend! 

About the speaker

Up until 2012, Paul Allin was Director of the measuring national well-being programme at the Office of National Statistics (ONS). He is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London where he helps teach official statistics. His primary research interest is the measurement of national well-being above and beyond the sole use of traditional economic statistics such as GDP.

What is City Q-Step?

Based in the Department of Sociology at City University, City Q-Step Centre is one of 15 universities in the UK that were chosen last year to help promote a step-change in quantitative social science training. The aim of the City Q-Step seminar series is thus to engage those who have an interest in social data with the wealth of methodologies, resources and opportunities quantitative research affords in the social sciences. The City Q-Step team will be running seminars every term to showcase the most innovative techniques and interesting findings from data visualisation experts, bloggers, researchers, and academics.


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When & where

4.00pm - 5.30pmWednesday 18th March 2015

BLG07 University Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom