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Simon Danczuk, MP - The Contrarian Prize Lecture 2015



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Speaker: Simon Danczuk MP, winner or the 2015 Contrarian Prize

"Hiding in plain sight: how child sexual abusers get away with it."

Simon Danczuk MP, winner of the 2015 Contrarian Prize, will deliver a powerful, discursive lecture about the Rochdale child grooming scandal and the wider allegations of a so-called Westminster-VIP paedophile ring that have rocked the British establishment.  He will explore how, Cyril Smith, the former MP for Rochdale, used his power to  prey on young boys and the wider societal problem that allows runaways, poor working class children and those in care to be sexually abused.
What does the silence of so many who knew what was going on tell us? Does this store up huge problems for society? Do we need a radical shift in our approach to this issue to prevent a generation from having their futures ripped away from them?

Simon Danczuk
About the speaker

Simon Danczuk has been the MP for Rochdale since 2010 and has led the calls for a public inquiry into child sexual abuse. Danczuk, who exposed the paedophilia of former Rochdale MP, Cyril Smith, piled pressure on the Home Secretary to establish a wide-ranging and credible inquiry after two botched attempts to appoint a Chair. In “Smile for the Camera”, a book Danczuk co-authored, he alludes to the fact that Smith could not have acted alone and must have been protected by a wider group of powerful child predators.

The New Zealand based judge, Justice Lowell Goddard, was appointed by the Home Secretary in February to Chair the inquiry.

The Contrarian Prize aims to recognise individuals in British public life that put their head above the parapet on grounds of principle and demonstrate independence, courage and sacrifice.

Now in its third year, it aims to shine a light on those who have made a meaningful contribution to the public debate through the ideas that they have introduced or the stand they have taken.

The Contrarian Prize lecture provides a platform for the winner to encourage discussion and debate on issues of importance to them.

Simon Danczuk will sign copies of his highly-acclaimed book, “Smile for the Camera”, following the lecture. Please bring cash if you would like to purchase a copy as credit/debit card facilities will not be available.


Photograph: © Malcolm Journeaux

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6.00pm - 9.00pmWednesday 2nd December 2015

200 Aldersgate Cass Business School 200 Aldersgate Street London EC1A 4HD United Kingdom

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