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Problems and Solutions in Accessibility and Usability of ICT for Disabled People




About the event 

The aim of this seminar is not to consider accessibility to a particular system but on the successful transformation of accessibility information from the `accessibility community' to others who are responsible for the specification, design and maintenance of technology. The transfer of accessibility information is not straightforward for two reasons;

  1. The political angle – as accessibility is firstly driven by human rights legislation.
  2. The fact that the audience for the accessibility information may be unwilling recipients of the information (not for reasons of wishing to discriminate but simply for reasons of cost, time, etc.).

Ongoing research is being carried out which makes use of communication theory to pass personal information from users who have experienced accessibility problems to the designers and specifiers of the systems. The research is based on the idea from communication theory `that richer, more personal means of communication’ are more effective. This research is being carried out in a collaborative way; the visually impaired end users have a full power of veto on any editing to the messages that have been created from their experiences. It is hoped that these messages will support the use of relevant accessibility standards and best practice information by reinforcing the message given. 

About the speaker 

Gill Whitney, Associate Professor, Design for All Research Group, School of Science & Technology, Middlesex University

Gill Whitney leads the University’s Design for All Research Group in its research, standardisation and educational work. She recently led the following two funded research projects:

  1. Benchmarking Education about Standardization, funded by the British Standards Institute 2013 to 2014
  2. The use of information systems for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2012 to 2013

She was one of the authors of the recent revision of ISO/IEC Guide 71:2014 Guide for addressing accessibility in standards, including leading the task force on process.

Recent publications, include:

  • Heath A, Whitney G, Kolar I and Springett M (2013), The Case for Integrating Needs and Preferences in the Internet of Things, The Sixth International Conference on Advances in Human oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services (CENTRIC 2013), Venice, Italy, 2013
  • Whitney G., (2013) The Use and Usability of Accessibility Standardization, 12th European AAATE Conference (Association of Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe) 2013 Conference, September 19 to 22, Vilamoura, Portugal


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When and where

1.00pm - 2.15pmTuesday 14th April 2015

D220 Rhind Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1R 0JD United Kingdom