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Founders' Thursday: October


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Found out what it's really like to start your own business.

Founders' Thursdays is a monthly event where City students and alumni can meetup in a relaxed and informal environment and share a drink with startup founders to find out more about the highs, and lows, of life in a new business. Think of it as the MTV Unplugged of business events.

Each month we'll be inviting 2 founders to give a short talk on their personal journey from business idea to real business followed by an informal Q&A session with the audience. 

This month's speakers: 

Sinead Mac Manus, Founder & CEO of 

nullThe company aims to address a common problem for early and mid-stage businesses. Their owners are experts in their fields but not experts in digital marketing even though it is an essential part of every business today. These businesses need help and are willing to pay for it, but are not in a position to hire staff. Fluency connects these businesses to Fluency graduates - young people aged 18 to 25 with skills in web, social media and digital marketing - to tackle discrete pieces of work that the business is not equipped to handle in-house.

Axel Katalan, Founder of Frazy

null"A multicultural tech-lover. I helped build the Level39 community of startups, following that I worked with MyCheck, a leading mobile payment technology company, and I am now currently pursuing my own projects in mobile games while supporting the Innovate Finance team with all areas of membership."

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When & where

6.15pm - 8.30pmThursday 30th October 2014

The Hangout Unruly Media 42-46 Princelet Street London E1 5LP United Kingdom