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Gastrophysics: the new science of the table



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Speaker: Professor Charles Spence

null"Gastrophysics: the new science of the table" with Professor Charles Spence.

Professor Charles Spence (Oxford University) will speak on the recent rapid growth of interest in a more scientific approach to cuisine. As author of "The perfect meal: The multisensory science of food and dining" he will focus on the science of the diner rather than the more common science of the kitchen; as found in modernist cooking of molecular gastronomy.

nullResearchers from many disciplines including psychology, sensory science, economics, experimental aesthetics, neuroscience, etc are becoming increasingly interested in food and the multisensory nature of meal experiences. The latest insights are now being used, for instance, to transform the plating of food from an art into a science. Technology is also increasingly coming to play a key role in the delivery of what is known as 'off the plate' dining experiences.

In this talk, Professor Spence will demonstrate the key role that knowing about the mind of the diner has in delivering the most exciting, memorable, and sensory stimulating of meal experiences. He will also highlight examples of how a growing number of the world's top chefs are now utilising gastrophysics - the new science of the table - and how food and drink companies are also trying to utilise such insights in order to deliver healthier, but no less tasty, products to market.

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6.30pm - 8.00pmWednesday 12th November 2014

College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB UK

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