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Capital Divided: The City of London and the future of the British Economy


Panel Discussions


Speakers: Brunello Rosa, Dr Ann Pettifor, Dr Geoff Tily, John Mills, Paul J. Davies, Anastasia Nesvetailova

CITYPERC (City Political Economy Research Centre) and SPERI (Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute) have the pleasure to welcome students, staff and members of the public to a panel discussion on the relationship between the City of London and the British economy.

This event brings together a distinguished line-up of academics and practitioners to discuss new and old questions about the role of the City in Britain's economic development. Some of those questions, including the relationship between the City and British industry, are of longstanding and enduring relevance. Others are only just coming into view, such as the place of the City vis-à-vis a sustainable economic model and a changing world economy. Drawing upon theoretical, conceptual and historical analyses, the conference seeks to generate new political economy understandings of the City's role within British capitalism.

The panel will engage with the hard questions that no-one dare ask about the challenges of rebalancing the British economy:

- What role can the City play in a more sustainable or, indeed, post-growth political economy?
- What would the City need to do in order to better support a British developmental strategy?
- How can the City and the state combine to rebalance the British economy?
- Are accusations of the unproductive nature of contemporary finance accurate or misplaced?
- If not growth, then what might the City aspire to? And how might we smooth the transition towards a different developmental model?

For further information, please email or tweet @cityperc

The conference will be followed by a drinks and bowl reception.

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When & where

4.30pm - 6.30pmWednesday 5th November 2014

College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB UK

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